Ashok Leyland 4125 HN with Hydrogen IC engine | Auto Expo 2023

The Ashok Leyland 4125 HN features H-Series 6-cylinder engine with minor changes to the engine head unit and fuel injection system, making it compatible to run on green hydrogen.

Ashok Leyland Hydrogen ICE Truck India
Ashok Leyland’s hydrogen ICE truck claims to deliver power and torque equivalent to a conventional diesels or CNG.

Hydrogen-powered internal combustion (IC) engines for commercial vehicles are talk of the town here at Auto Expo 2023 Motor Show. An emerging and promising technology for short- and mid-term energy transition away from diesels, the hydrogen combustion technology is just emerging in the even Western markets.

And yet, our home-grown companies are already following suit, and have come up with near-working prototypes, which may see commercial launch in the coming years. Cases in point are Ashok Leyland 4125 HN H2 ICE and Tata Prima H.55S hydrogen tractor.

Ashok Leyland claims that hydrogen ICE deliver power and torque equivalent to a conventional diesels or CNG. Lean combustion strategy of the H2 engine delivers relatively minimal NOx emissions and less noise, while also offering longer driving range.

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The display truck is expected to make 250 hp of max power, thanks to a variable-geometry turbo-charger. It is built on AVTR modular platform, thereby making it customisable to suit multiple axle configurations and end-use applications.

Further, the hydrogen fuel is stored in lightweight Type 4 carbon-fibre composite cylinders stacked in a separate compartment behind the cabin, with high-pressure endurance of up to 350 bar.

Essentially a tech demonstrator, the Ashok Leyland’s hydrogen ICE technology is expected to undergo comprehensive testing and validation in lab and real-world conditions in the coming months.

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Given the absolute unavailability of hydrogen refueling stations, let alone green hydrogen produced with zero-emission credentials, it is safe to say that the OEMs have considerable time to bring them into the commercial market in India.

Ashok Leyland 4125 HN H2 ICE – Image Gallery

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