BYD Seal EV: Befitting reply to Tesla Model 3 | Auto Expo 2023

BYD Seal is the Chinese brand’s befitting response to the likes of Tesla Model 3 that is becoming popular in China and Europe.

BYD Seal EV Auto Expo
BYD Seal EV is the brand’s flagship display at Auto Expo 2023.

The much-awaited Auto Expo 2023 is off to a great start at Greater Noida in the outskirts of Delhi. Electric vehicles are making a huge buzz at the show this time, and here is a brand-new debut from the renowned EV automaker BYD – the ‘Seal‘ compact electric sedan.

The BYD Seal is the automaker’s next-generation EV based on its all-new e-Platform 3.0 that supports a host of industry-first technologies. This includes an 800 V battery system, ultra-fast charging, dual-motor AWD, 1,000-km plus driving range, and punchy acceleration among others.

Equipped with BYD’s renowned ‘Blade Battery’ technology, the electric sedan is available with two battery packs options – 61.4 kWh and 82.5 kWh ratings – for buyers to choose. While the former standard range version is said to offer a range of 550 km, the latter long range variant assures a driving range of 700 km in CLTC-cycle.

The Seal EV can be charged at rates of up to 110 kW and 150 kW for standard and long range variants respectfully. The car is rear-wheel driven, propelled by single-motor systems generating 204 hp (standard variant) and 312 hp power with the bigger battery pack. A dual-motor AWD version is offered in developed markets.

BYD Seal EV Rear view
BYD Seal electric sedan’s exterior styling is futuristic and sporty.

On the design front, the BYD Seal is inspired from the brand’s 2021 Ocean X concept, with eye-catching and refreshing styling cues. Split headlamp with ‘boomerang’ DRLs, all-glass coupe-ish roof, and ‘fastback’ boot styling are some of the highlights.

Inside, the car features a 15.6-inch infotainment screen and a 10.25-inch digital instrumentation cluster with a head-up display. The steering, dashboard design, and seats are elegant-looking, not to mention the premium feel that they offer.

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BYD is set to deliver the Seal electric sedan in Chinese and European markets this year. The car rightly locks horn with Tesla Model 3, with similar performance and driving range. Pricing is also expected to be highly competitive, especially in Europe where the brand is making strident entry this year.

BYD Seal EV – Image Gallery

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