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Started in 2011 as a freelance motoring blog, WagenClub has now grown into a ‘high-octane’ automotive enthusiasts’ website that publishes interesting and reliable stories on cars, bikes, and commercial vehicles. Our intention is not just to break the news or entertain our readers, but also to initiate related thought-processes in their minds. Automobiles are not just objects out there. We don’t just use them for mobility. They have come to conquer a substantive part of our lives and our environment, and are repositories of mankind’s advancement, progress, and emotions. They are the social and cultural artefacts of mankind.

Therefore, we are not satisfied with mere description and reviews of automobiles. We do not limit ourselves only to those topics that can be sold to our audience, but also focus on niche areas like automotive technology, electric and hybrid vehicles, and sociology of cars. We try to move beyond the usual standards of descriptive journalism, inculcating a sense of rational thinking and scientific endeavor in our writing. We really don’t know what and how that is going to be, but we keep moving ahead in that direction.

Now that you are here, please help us improve our endeavor by sharing you valuable feedback and suggestions, either by using this contact form or by writing to admin@wagenclub.com or wagenclub@gmail.com

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