JBM Galaxy E12: The Electric intercity coach that makes a score | Auto Expo 2023

The pure-electric luxury coach JBM Galaxy E12 claims to support a daily operational range of 1,000 kms aided by fast-charging, suitable for the everyday requirements of the domestic intercity passenger transportation, according to the manufacturer.

Home-grown bus maker JBM Buses achieved a significant milestone in its almost a decade of journey with the launch of its first electric intercity coach – the Galaxy e12 – at the Auto Expo 2023 Motor Show held a couple of weeks ago in Greater Noida.

JBM Galaxy E12 Review Launch Price
JBM Galaxy e12 coach is built on a monocoque structure and bus body compliant to AIS 052 standards.

The company claims that the JBM Galaxy e12 is designed with comfort, safety and reliable performance in mind, with adequate equipment and modern features for both vehicle support and passenger comfort. The fully-built luxury coach will take on the likes of Olectra CX2 (C9) and MOZEV electric coach in the Indian market.

The high-floor coach measures 12.4 metres long, with a wheelbase of 6,350 mm and floor height of 1,200 mm. Visually, the e12 boasts a humble and classy front face with neatly crafted bar line and headlamps up front. Panoramic windshield and high roof-line gives it a majestic look.

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The bus can seat 45 passengers in recliner seats (2×2 layout) with optional calf support, support by a luggage space of 6.05 cubic meters. Driver gets an air-suspended, 4-way adjustable seat. The cockpit is designed ergonomically for optimum functionality, while the steering is tilt and telescopic adjustable.

Moving on, the JBM Galaxy e12 is driven by a 250 kW permanent magnet synchronous traction motor situated on the rear axle. It sources power from a Lithium-ion battery pack, whose energy capacity was not revealed during the launch. Regenerative energy from braking is available.

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As far as charging is concerned, the e-bus is equipped with CCS-2 type charging that supports fast-charging. JBM did not reveal the intercity coach’s driving range (per single charge) or its charging duration, but claimed that the e12 can support a daily operational range of about 1,000 kms.

In terms of safety equipment, the Galaxy e12 comes standard with all-disc brakes with EBS, Hill-hold, Electronic stability control, and battery thermal safety including protection against surge, short-circuit, and overloading. The coach is built on a monocoque structure and bus body compliant to AIS 052 standards.

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