Eicher Pro 3015 Hydrogen Fuel Cell truck with Lithium battery pack | Auto Expo 2023

The Eicher Pro 3015 Hydrogen truck is VECV’s technology demonstrator for zero-emission transportation, powered by battery packs sourcing energy from a hydrogen fuel cell system.

Eicher 3015 Fuel Cell Truck India
Eicher Pro 3015 Hydrogen fuel cell truck can support up to 400 kms of emission-free range without any need for refueling.

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles’ (VECV) participation at Auto Expo 2023 Motor Show at Greater Noida marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, as the company introduced a host of alternative powertrain technologies for commercial transportation at the expo.

This includes Eicher Pro 3015 Hydrogen fuel cell truck. The 16-19 tonne GVW truck, with a wheelbase of 5490 mm, is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system and a high energy density lithium-ion battery pack. It can support up to 400 kms of range with full tank of hydrogen.

Although detailed technical specifications and functional aspects of the truck were not revealed by the manufacturer, it seems clear that the battery pack powers the liquid-cooled motor that drives the rear axle.

The hydrogen fuel cell system, which processes hydrogen fuel to generate electrical energy by way of chemical reaction, is the ultimate power source for the battery pack, and essentially acts as a range-extender for the vehicle.

Further, the truck’s hydrogen systems operates at a pressure of 350 bar, and a “highly reliable hydrogen storage systems and lithium battery packs ensure maximum safety”, claims VECV. The systems are neatly integrated into a separate compartment behind the cabin and within the chassis frame.

Eicher 3015 Fuel Cell Side Camera View
Eicher 3015 Fuel Cell: Side mirrors are replaced by a set of high-res camera and LED screens on both the sides.

More interestingly, the 3015 Fuel Cell truck has no side-view mirrors. Instead, a couple of high-resolution IR cameras placed on the doors on both the sides does the job. Drivers can make use of LED screens on both the A-pillars inside the cabin for side view vision.

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The company sources claim that the vehicle is merely a technology demonstrator and far-away from commercial launch. Comprehensive testing and validation of the hydrogen truck is yet to begin, they add.

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