This DC Designs Scania-Turned Mobile Jewellery Store Is A Head-turner

Do you know why government’s efforts to reduce gold imports will never bear any fruit? After all, we are Indians! And for South Indians in particular, I’m being one, we value gold more than anything. Naturally, we are Indians too!! Last month, the home-grown DC Design has delivered India’s first mobile jewellery showroom to Kerala-based seller Chemmanur Group.

Built on a Scania tractor-trailer platform, the yellow-matt black themed structure, with a little streak of gray running all around, looks stunning with its opulent exterior design. The two-level interiors are crafted with utmost sensibilities, which includes store section, a billing section, a conference room, and a rest room. If this doesn’t convince people to buy jewellery, what else will?

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Based on the client’s inputs, the Mumbai-based DC Design took almost five months to built this mammoth mobile retail store, painstakingly going through various designing processes starting with concept sketches, a 1:5 scale model, and generating composites including carbon substrates, with computed-aided design and engineering. The structural challenge here was to carve out a highly curvaceous and complex outer skin, as it did not allow for the regular tubular superstructure route. Designers had to reinforce a number of panels at different points on the structure to achieve the desired. After all, for projects like this, exterior design is of greater importance than any other thing.

DC Design Scania Tractor-Trailer: India’s first mobile jewellery showroom

Unlike the firm’s previous designs of this kind that are based on rigid inter-city bus chassis, this project underpins a tractor-trailer combo powered by 410 hp Scania G410 6×4 tractor, featuring a 12.7-litre V6 engine, along with a 40 ft semi-trailer. This articulated system may seemed logically advantageous in terms of easy manoeuvrability on winding roads and cumbersome urban spaces than a coach or a rigid truck, considering its application. Moreover, the trailer facilitates a large bed area for the showroom. The combo works perfectly well, synchronising the design and colour theme.

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On the inside, the mouth-watering craftsmanship of DC is evident. There are two sections, one for gold and another for diamonds, with novel decors and lighting. There are expandable side sections with hydraulic opening staircase like the one in aircraft! Further, the mobile store is simply fortified with state-of-the-art security systems, as you know, this is mobile gold mine! This includes HD cameras with night vision, proximity sensors, remote immobiliser, etc.

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Photo Credit: DC Designs | With inputs from Commercial Vehicle – August 2016 Issue

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