Scania R 580 V8 (6×4) Puller: India’s Most Powerful Truck

Trucks that cart over-sized cargo are the real “King of the Road”. More than brute power and torque to haul the impossible, they need to be really strong and technologically well-armed to perform their duty. Scania is offering a wide range of heavy-duty haulers in our market, including the brand’s flagship variant in India – the R 580 V8 (6×4), which has been categorised under a new ARAI category of ‘Pullers’. Other than creating a new class of its own, thereby expanding the CV market, the R 580 boasts a mighty GCW (Gross Combination Weight) figure of 200 tonnes when coupled with a suitable multi-axle drawbar trailer. With a impressive 580 hp (426 kW) and 2, 700 Nm of power and torque out of a V8 engine, this Scania is the most powerful truck we have ever had in India before.

Scania displayed the R 580 puller at the 2016 Auto Expo last February, and that’s when I realised clout for the first time. It’s strong exterior styling is an impressive sight, with its high-forward sleeper cab, toe beam up front and rear draw beam, and ‘V8’ badge. Its wheelbase measures 4, 022 mm, while its total chassis length is 7, 010 mm. The truck’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is pegged at 6 tonnes for the front axle and 19 tonnes for the rear bogie, with the GCW ranging from 49-200 tonnes depending on the trailer. The gradeability with max load for the hauler is 12 %. The tandem drive bogie axle at the rear features hub reduction and differential lock.

India's Powerful Truck

Scania R 580 (6×4) Puller boasts a mighty GCW (Gross Combination Weight) figure of 200 tonnes

The R 580 is powered by a 15.6-litre V8 diesel engine with four valves per cylinder, PDE direct-injection system, turbocharger, charge air cooler and EMS engine control unit. The engine is Euro 3 (Bharat Standards 2) compliant, and is capable of running on bio-diesels. It is paired to a 12+2 speed ‘Scania GRSO925R’ gearbox with range splitter and overdrive features, also synced with Scania’s popular ‘OptiCruise‘ automatic gear changing system. The single-plate 430 mm clutch system provides more reliable de-clutching and softer and better controlled engagement, along with clutch wear protection and clutch overload. a necessity for puller trucks.

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In terms of braking, the heavy-duty puller is equipped with direct-acting, dual-line full air brakes with ABS, automatic slack adjusters and traction control. A Hydraulic Retarder comes handy to provide optimum brake torque of 4100 Nm. To ensure enough re-generation of air when coupled to multi-axle trailers (Hydraulic axle), the truck is equipped with intelligent compressor control – Air processing System (APS). As a prerequisite for long drive ODC (Over Dimension Cargo) transportation, there are two steel tanks for fuel mounted on the either sides of the chassis, with a combined capacity of 500 litres.

Scania Powerful Truck

Scania R 580’s 15.6-litre V8 engine is Euro 3 (BS III) compliant

All is brute so far, what about the cabin interiors then? The beauty of Scania R-Series is that butch exterior styling is complemented by exclusive interior with optimum driver comfort and a wide array of equipments. The four-point mechanical-sprung cab features anti-roll bar, anti-corrosion body, and tinted windscreen, along with ergonomics goodies like air-conditioning, fully adjustable driver seat, foldable passenger seat, and an adjustable steering wheel. Drivers get cruise control and Down-hill speed control options, along with the updated Scania Fleet Management system.

Overall, the Scania R 580 is the ‘first-in-India’ in many respects – the V8 engine, higher power output ever in India, and a new segment of heavy-duty pullers. It is excellent drivability, outstanding Total Operating Economy, and refined vehicle handling and manoeuvring qualities are its stronghold. This truck’s only counterpart in our Indian market is the Volvo FH 520 (6×4) puller with a 12.8-litre V6 engine and ‘Powertronic‘ fully automatic planetary gearbox. Down the range, Scania is also offering R 500 (6×4) and G 460 (6×4) on-road pullers in the Indian market.

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Scania Dashboard Instrument

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