This Porsche-Martini Themed MAN TGX Truck Is Lovely

MAN TGX 6x2 Porsche_Martini_WagenClub (2)

MAN has designed a TGX 6×2 truck with exterior paint job matching the colours of the legendary Martini Racing Team of 1970s, reminding Porsche racing cars renowned for multiple victories in the 24-hour Le Mans races.

This limited edition TGX model is seen cruising around Dutch roads lately. Porsche Centrum Gelderland, the premier Porsche dealer in Netherlands, uses this 400 HP 6×2 truck to transport customer cars for delivery. The retro-inspired exterior work features 3-colour (dark blue, light blue and red) Martini racing stripes in a predominantly black body, and Porsche badging on both sides. The ‘nostalgic’ transporter is equipped with full air suspension and a unique low-profile ramps allowing for fine adjustment of vehicle height with low ground clearance, enabling hassle-free transport of multiple cars.

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The Porsche Martini racing team were sponsored by the famous brand of Italian wine Martini since 1968. The team won multiple times at 24-hour Le Mans races of the 1970s with the original Porsche 935 racing cars.

At present, both the Porsche and MAN brands are owned by Volkswagen AG group of Germany.

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MAN TGX 6×2 Porsche-Martini Livery – Image Gallery

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