Eicher Pro 2049 EV: Electric city truck with ‘big’ propositions | Auto Expo 2023

The Eicher Pro 2049 Electric truck boasts a driving range of up to 174 kms in single charge, targeting the 5-tonne class trucking segment, relevant for both intra-city and sub-urban applications.

Eicher Pro 2049 Electric Light Truck Review India
Eicher Pro 2049 EV is equipped with a 64 kWh battery pack.

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) has electrified the smallest truck in its stable – the Eicher Pro 2049 – to kick-start zero-emission trucking solutions in the Indian market. The Pro 2049 EV was displayed at the Auto Expo 2023 Motor Show held last week at Greater Noida.

The electric light truck is targeting the 5-tonne GVW class, which in itself is a ‘sweet spot’ between the mini- or pick-up truck and ICV truck segments, flexible enough to be suitable for intra-city and sub-urban applications, even last-mile delivery.

The Pro 2049 EV, with a GVW rating of 4.9 tonnes, doesn’t necessarily have a direct competition in the domestic market yet. The e-truck would offer higher haulage capacity (with 2,935mm wheelbase), power and driving range than electric mini-trucks such as the recently launched Tata Ace EV, for instance.

Check out the test drive video of Eicher Pro 2049 diesel from WagenClub + YouTube channel.

Equipped with a larger 64 kWh battery pack, the Eicher Pro 2049 EV claims a driving range of up to 174 kms in single charge as per manufacturer’s test standards. Any further technical details about the vehicle’s motor and output is not made public at the moment.

It is safe to assume that rest of the mechanicals including suspension, all-disc brakes, and cabin aggregates are shared from the Pro 2049 diesel truck. Visually, the electric truck looks no different, except for the ‘EV’ graphics on its cabin, button-type drive selector, and all-digital instrumentation display.

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VECV is expected to commence customer trails in the coming months, especially with e-commerce and FMCG fleet customers in metros, according to company sources. More details on the e-trucks tech-specs and performance will surface once they hit the road in considerable numbers.

Eicher Pro 2049 EV – Image Gallery

Eicher Pro 2049 EV dashboard Interiors
Eicher Pro 2049 EV’s cabin features all-digital instrumentation and button-type drive selector.

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