Switch EiV 22: India’s first electric double-decker city bus

Equipped with advanced NMC chemistry batteries, the EiV 22 double-deck electric bus boasts a driving range of up to 250 km for intra-city applications.

electric double decker bus india
Switch EiV 22

Switch Mobility, backed by Ashok Leyland, has unveiled its all-new electric double decker air-conditioned bus ‘EiV 22‘, fully-designed and manufactured in India. Renewing the iconic legacy of double-deck buses, the EiV 22 is conceived with ultra-modern design and latest technologies, meeting high standards of passenger comfort and safety for mass transportation.

The Switch EiV 22 is claimed as the world’s first semi low-floor, air conditioned, electric double-decker with wider door on rear overhang and a rear staircase. The bus boasts lightweight aluminium body construction, which supports higher passenger to weight ratio to offer increased passenger carrying capacity.

The manufacturer has already backed a 200 electric double-decker bus order from BEST Mumbai, and is expected to cash in from its FAME-II compliance with localized component sourcing and manufacturing.

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Dimension and Seating Capacity

The EiV 22 is 9,800 mm long, 2,600 mm wide, and 4,750 mm high, with a wheelbase of 4,860 mm.

Switch claims that the double-deck bus can carry 65 passengers exclusive the driver – nearly twice the number of passengers (seated) – with just 18 percent increase in kerb weight than a regular low-floor bus. 

Battery Technology

The architecture of the double decker uses a 650 V electrical system. The bus is powered by a 231 kWh capacity, 2-string liquid cooled NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) chemistry battery pack, along with dual gun charging system.

The modular battery pack drives a permanent magnet synchronous AC motor located on the rear axle. The motor generates 235 kW of peak power and 140 kW of continuous output, with a max torque of 3,100 Nm.

Driving range and Charging duration

The Switch EiV 22 takes about 1.5 to 3 hours to get fully charged. The unique double-gun charging systems allows for up to 231 kWh, enabling DC fast-charging cycle of less than one hour.

The NMC chemistry generally exhibits higher energy density than LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries. Switch Mobility says that the EiV 22 can drive up to 250 kms in single charge in city applications. Taking into account the opportunity charging cycle, the bus can offer up to 500 km range per day in Indian conditions, the company adds.

Suspension and Safety

The double-decker is suspended on Weveller suspension in the front and full air suspension system at the rear. The front wheels are equipped with disc brakes.

The EiV 22 is compliant to AIS 038 safety standards, including body rollover safety. The liquid-cooling battery chiller system of the bus to maintain battery pack’s optimum operating temperature. A fire detection and suppression system (FDAS/FDSS) along with an alarm is also in place for added safety.

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Switch EiV 22 double-decker – Photo Gallery

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