BYD eBus 12m Electric Low Floor | 2016 IAA Hannover

World’s leading electric bus maker BYD has presented the eBus 12-metre all-electric city bus at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, Hannover that ends today. What can be claimed as the most successful electric bus globally, the eBus (a.k.a BYD K9) has clocked more than 10,000 units in sale so far since 2012, with about 6,000 units sold world wide last year alone. BYD claims that this success feat translates to a whooping 195 million km in passenger commutation, saving over 200,000 tonnes of carbon emission in the process!

electric bus 12 metre BYD

2016 IAA Show: BYD showcases its Europe-focused electric bus variants including eBus with 2 battery packs.

The eBus displayed at the show is the most improved and advanced version so far, targeting the developed markets of Europe and North America. The battery electric bus boasts an impressive driving range between 250-300 kms on full charge (depending on the spec), with a charging duration of 5-6 hours. Two variants are on offer – one with two battery packs with energy capacity of 270 kWh and an three pack version with a cumulative energy of 380 kWh. The former version is targeted in Europe since it allows for optimum passenger space in a typical European layout, along with improved driver visibility.

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Interestingly, the eBus is powered by Iron phosphate (Fe) batteries, a specific type of Lithium-ion battery that is comparatively environmental friendly, safe, and offer better power density. The battery packs drive twin rear wheel-hub AC synchronous motors of 90 kW output rating each. The company claims a top speed of 70 kmph with 0-50 kmph acceleration is less than 20 seconds. There is also a fast charging option available, and the company claims that batteries have more than 4000 recharging cycles in an average life span.

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The bus features unitary construction body and reliable electric design that are claimed to comply with international safety standards. Other tech features includes Intelligent key system, electronically controlled air suspension system for ride height adjustment and side kneeling, and disc-brakes on all wheels with integrated ABS.

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The China-based BYD Auto is currently manufacturing the eBus in three places across the globe – two assemblies in China and the other in California, USA. Apart from the eBus (K9), the company is offering K11 articulated electric buses in select markets, along with a host of small and medium-sized passengers cars including hybrid and pure-electric cars for the Chinese market.

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