Volvo 9400 B8R, B11R: 10 Things You Should Know

Volvo new B8R

Last November, Volvo Buses unveiled the all-new, upgraded 9400 inter-city range of buses in India. Available in two platforms B8R and B11R, the buses are perhaps world-class in every respect – equipment, engine performance, and safety – thereby setting new standards in the luxury inter-city coach segment.

Here are 10 pointers that summarizes every new changes and additions to the new Volvo 9400 range of buses. 

#1. Volvo has upgraded the B7R with the B8R 12-metre platform, which was until now an export-only platform with Euro 6 engines for Europe. The B9R platform has been replaced with a more sophisticated B11R, which is available in 13.8m and 14.5m multi-axle variants.

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#2. The entire Volvo 9400 inter-city coach range is now BS VI-compliant (*since April 2020), with the engines meeting the latest emission norms for commercial vehicles in India. The range also complies to the Bus Code (AIS 052) on constructional safety under Rule 125 (c) of Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR). New equipment added for the bus code compliance includes five fire extinguishers, an emergency door at the rear right, a digital nose that detects any dip in oxygen level inside the cabin, and three HD CCTV cameras, and passenger alert system.

Volvo 9400 engine

Volvo’s 11-litre, 6-cyl turbo diesel BS 4 engine in B11R platform makes 410 hp and 1,980 Nm of torque.

#3. The B8R platform is powered by a locally-manufactured 8-litre six-cylinder common-rail diesel engine producing 330 hp of power. It is mated to a 6-speed manual, fully synchronised gearbox, both assembled at Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) plant at Pithampur, MP.

#4. The flagship B11R platform features a 11-litre six-cylinder in-line turbo-charged common-rail diesel engine making 410 hp of power and 1,980 Nm of peak torque between 950-1,400 rpm, making it one of the most powerful engine in its class. It is paired to an I-Shift 12-speed AMT transmission (standard in 14.5m bus).

#5. The new 9400 range sports powerful xenon lamps up front and intensive LED-treatment in the tail lamps. Both the front and rear bumpers have been redesigned.

#6. The driver’s cockpit has been revamped, with simple and clear instrumentation including a tiny LCD screen that displays turbo and air pressure, fuel and temperature levels, and gear status. There is also a 2-DIN multi-functional color screen that incorporates a fully-integrated on-board diagnosis system. The Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system offers rear-view while reversing in the multi-functional screen, using a bumper mounted rear camera.

Volvo 9400 Steering dashboard

New Volvo 9400 gets updated driver’s cockpit and dashboard, with added features and technologies

#7. An optional Alco-lock breath analyser will allow the engine to start only if the driver passes the breath test. The Driver Drowsiness console mounted on the dashboard monitors driver’s eye movements and detects if he is getting sleepy to make an alert.

#8. The ‘I-coach’ voice command function in the new Volvos informs the driver on crucial parameters like energy and torque. It guides him on efficient power acceleration and records the driver’s style of driving (acceleration and braking) for his improvement.

#9. The B11R 14.5m features 2×1 seating layout, fitted with Prakash Fainsa seats (replacing Harita seating). The seats are equipped with individual USB charging ports and a three-point seat belt for every passenger. This bus also has a refrigerated pantry and a chemical toilet.

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#10. Some of the advanced features in the new Volvo 9400 range includes Electronically controlled pnuematic suspension (ECS), Electronic Braking System (EBS) assisted by disc brakes on all wheels and ABS, Electronic Stability Programme (EPS) for roll-over protection, and a sophisticated anti-skid system. A speed retarder is also present to ensure safe deceleration down a slope.

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2017 Volvo 9400 Inter-city (B8R, B11R) – Image Gallery

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