Eicher Pro 8055 LNG-CNG Hybrid Truck: Bracing dual-fuel argument | Auto Expo 2023

The Eicher Pro 8055 LNG hybrid tractor is powered by 260 hp VEGX8 (7.7-litre) gas engine with electronic port fuel injection technology from Volvo Group.

Eicher Pro 8055 LNG-CNG Tractor Review Launch India
Eicher Pro 8055 LNG Hybrid tractor can support 700 kms extendable to 1,100 kms of range with full tanks of gas.

Just when Ashok Leyland unveiled its first CNG-LNG flexi-fuel 5532 AN (A6) 6×4 tractor at the Auto Expo 2023 Motor Show, VECV also displayed its flagship Eicher Pro 8055 LNG hybrid 4×2 tractor that can run on CNG as well. The two truck makers became the first brands to launch such dual-fuel trucks in India.

Almost indistinguishable to the diesel-powered Eicher Pro 8000 series, the 8055 LNG Hybrid is equipped with high-grade SS304 LNG tank on its right side, while multiple CNG tanks with 3-way filling value adorn the left side frame of the tractor’s chassis. It boasts a wheelbase of 3,650 mm.

The 4×2 tractor is powered by a 6-cylinder VEGX8 natural gas spark-ignited engine aided by an ECU-controlled multi-port fuel injection system. The engine is mated to a 9-speed manual gearbox with a crawler gear function.

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When pushed to maximum, the LNG-CNG truck makes 260 hp power and 1,000 Nm of torque. Since the VECV engines are developed in-house with reliable technology and electronics from the Volvo Group, the company assures optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

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Further, the LNG-CNG hybrid option presents a standard driving range of 700 kms in this truck with 250 kg tank, which is extendable up to 1,100 kms with larger 380 kg tank capacity.

Dual-fuel argument

Given LNG’s scarce refueling network in India, the truck makers are trying to offset the range anxiety with the the flexibility and practicality of dual-fuel trucks that gain the advantage of CNG network in the country. Since both the fuels are largely the same, minor changes to fuel injection system and electronics is all that is needed to make the gas engines dual-fuel compliant.

Eicher Pro 8055 LNG Truck India Details
VECV claims that the Eicher Pro 8055 LNG Hybrid ensures superior uptime and longer range.

However, it is yet to be seen how these trucks perform in real-world conditions at the hands of the fleet operators. Although the technology is ready, the absolute lack of LNG infra anywhere in the country and absence of CNG stations in tier-2 and interior parts is still a big challenge for operators to take long-haul trips with these trucks.

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We can assume that LNG-CNG trucks are viable in certain defined routes for now, especially in Gujarat and Kerala where LNG stations are coming up. In the meantime, OEMs can step-up their real-world testing and product trials at the hands of the operators to make the gas engines reliable and efficient.

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