2022: Top 5 Electric Two-Wheeler launches in India

Being the most active vehicle segment in the country, the electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) are also becoming more and more vibrant in recent times. This year saw a slew of E3W launches in the Indian market, which are redefining the EV landscape with their innovative technologies and buying proposition.

And remember, they are not just e-scooters!

Here is our top 5 pick of latest E2W launches in India:

1. Hero Vida V1 Pro

hero electric scooter vida v1 pro
Hero Vida V1 Pro

This funky e-scooter marks the entry of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp into the electric space. It boasts a 3.94 kWh swappable battery, offering an IDC range of 165 km per charge, with fast-charging abilities.

2. Ultraviolette F77

ultraviolette electric sportbike f77
Ultraviolette F77

The F77 high-performance e-sportbike is a spectacular EV developed by an Indian start-up locally from scratch. It features 10.3 kWh battery pack – one of the most advanced in E2W segment – offering an IDC range of 307 km per charge.

3. Matter e-bike

matter electric bike
Matter e-bike

Featuring ‘Hypershift’ sequential manual transmission, Matter launched India’s first geared electric bike this year. A 5 kWh integrated and high-density battery pack and a 10.5kW electric motor does the duty in this vehicle, all developed in India.

4. Okinawa OKHI 90

okhi electric scooter 90
OKHI 90 e-scooter

This is Okinawa’s biggest scooter powered by a 3.6kWh swappable lithium-ion battery pack offering a range of 160 km per charge, much higher than many of its rivals in the segment. The e-scooter offers two riding modes and supports fast-charging.

5. Ola S1 Air

Ola S1 Air Electric scooter
OLA S1 Air e-scooter

The S1 Air is the budget variant of the S1 Pro featuring a smaller 2.5kWh battery pack. It still offers 101 km per charge in ‘Eco’ mode, and runs on the latest ‘Ola Move OS3’ software enabling connected and digital experience for the users. With competitive pricing, the S1 Air is expected to sell more in the domestic market.

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*This article was written for and first published in Emerging Technology News (ETN) December 2022 print issue.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at wagenclub@gmail.com

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