Johammer J1 Futuristic e-Bike Boasts 200 km Range

Johammer J1 e-bike

Designed by Austrian engineer Johann Hammerschmidt who has undertaken crowdfunding program to expand production.

With the electric mobility gaining unprecedented momentum like never before, here comes a latest product from a new start-up that promises long riding range along with a peek into quirky biking of future. The Johammer J1 is the first production bike to claims an extra-ordinary 200 km (125 miles) of riding range on a single charge. An another version of the same e-bike with a smaller battery pack assures 150 km (93 miles) range.

But that’s not all. Look at the images of the e-bike, you are sure to realise is something is not as usual. Looking like some kind of toy machine from science-fiction movies, the bodywork is seemingly a quonset hut with a rear-end of scooters from the past. The handlebars feature sunflower-like illuminated rear view mirrors, which house LED screens to display bike info and ride data! So no instrumentation cluster or info panel over the head. The projector-type LED headlamp with a complementary day time running light bug out of the claw-shaped body.

Johammer J1 e-bike

QUIRKY BODYWORK: Johammer J1’s sunflower-like illuminated rear view mirrors house LED screens to display bike info and ride data

Hammerschmidt says that the design offers secure and comfortable riding position with optimum center of gravity. The bike’s lean angle is 43 degrees, while its wheelbase and seat height are at 1455 mm and 650 mm respectively. The battery pack is housed below the rider inside that quonset hut, while the electric motor and controller are placed at the rear wheel. The bike weighs just 177 kgs (159 kgs for the smaller battery variant).

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The two front swing-arms use hub center steering supported by horizontal shock absorber within the chassis. For easy parking, there is a reverse gear for the rescue. There is regenerative braking, and the e-bike can also be used as a storage battery for domestic home use.

With a list price of $25,990 (approx. INR 17.65 lakhs), the Austrian based firm is expected to step up production sooner than we may think.

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Johammer J1 Electric Bike – Image Gallery

H/T RideApart | Photos Credit: Johammer

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