Two-Wheeler Insurance: Luck and Magic doesn’t matter!*

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Superstitious and irrational faiths does not bring you and your motorcycle rides the good charm and protection from untoward happenings, but a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance like that of one offered by Bharti AXA does.

The day when we start asking “Why” and “How” to this-worldly affairs, the society we live in will embark on a much needed scientific and rational progression to make a better world. You may think you are “logical” and “scientific” in attitude and conduct, but unless until you can reason out anything and everything you do or believe in, you are still caught in the blinders of tralatitious beliefs and faiths. Especially for those customary observances and beliefs that are attributed to luck and fortunes that are culturally ingrained in our minds, more so in our Indian context.

When a cat crosses your way en route to an important engagement or work, it is conceived as a bad omen. Shoes are made to hung on to truck bumpers to save it from “evil eyes”, a nimbu-mirchi (lemon-chilli) totem on the rear-view mirror of our car or number plates of bikes for good fortunes. Or the so-called “auspicious” daahi shakkar before an interview, or the bird poop superstition that is believed to prevent people from dangers, as in case of the TVC advertisement below. We never ask to ourselves “Why” and “How”!

This is a critical conundrum that we as society face today. Blind faith and superstitious beliefs debase `cause and effect´ reasoning, something that is fundamental to scientific thinking and progressive attitude. They prevent individuals to think and do things rationally, pay no heed to logicality, and results in irrational behaviour of the society as a whole. A biker prays for good luck before he sets out, but may not like to wear a helmet. A trucker would like to secure himself with ritual superstitions, but may lack awareness to use turn-indicators or dippers at nights. Car and bike owners may pay for coconut and lemon sacrifice before every trips, but decide stingily their road insurance coverage. Not merely the individuals put themselves and their resources at risk, but also play with the life and fortunes of other road users and lead the entire society down. Lack of rational thinking manifests as a social problem.

Higher propensity to risks

Two-wheelers are the one that occupy our roads in majority, are lifeline to everyday commutation of millions of middle-class men and women in India. They are easy to ride and cheaper to buy. But the fact is that, they are highly vulnerable to accidents and thefts than other kinds of vehicles, and takes chances with the life and property of rider or owner. Road deaths out of accidents involving two-wheelers account for at least a quarter every year, way higher than larger cars and trucks. The wide prevalence of potholes and broken patches in our roads, coupled with sheer road congestion in urban areas and the tropical weather of rain and dust, makes motorcycle riders even more susceptible to road mishaps. That is perhaps why bike skidding, bumper crashes, and loss of balance while riding a bike are so common in India that everyone of us would have experienced such mischances at least once.

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Further, road safety often starts from our own homes. We can neither predict nor determine the behaviour of other road users, nor can we define our destiny with surety. All we can do is to rationally think on how to mitigate one´s risk by acting on essential safe-conducts and precautions, before we hit the road. Helmets for both the rider and pillion passenger can and ought to be the first step, instead of a bird poop! Use of genuine spare parts and components, especially tyres, brake pads and cables, and engine oil can be the next step. Regular maintenance and service will also help ensure road safety and good fortunes while on travel. Obedience to road safety norms and traffic rules while on road is creditworthy too in this regard.

Tangible Protection

Okay, but what if you and your motorcycle face grave risk out of no cause of your own. There are idiots out on road, simply waiting to hurt other users and pedestrians. You could be one of them too! You may even fall prey to other´s irresponsible behaviour on road, may it be rash driving or carelessness while on wheels. Or what if your bike is stolen from a public parking lot? Uncertainties out of such externalities can never be obviated, however rational and responsive you are.  Thus, a comprehensive risk management becomes essential, so as to offer protection from any ensuing financial loses and liabilities out of damages, or to pay for your hospitalisation or even compensate your family if any mishaps takes away your life. The premium you pay is so negligible to the risk mitigation the motor insurance takes care of, for both you and your possible victims.

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In this regard, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd, one of India´s leading motor insurance provider, is offering comprehensive and innovative insurance coverage for two-wheelers.  This includes both third-party and own-damage (OD) liability coverage, 24/7 claim assistance and client support, attractive discounts on premiums with No-Claim Bonus (NCB), hassle-free claim settlement with 2500+ cashless garages, and online quote retrieval and policy renewals. You also get add-on covers in Bharti AXA two-wheeler insurance, that includes Personal Accident Cover for occupants and Zero Depreciation cover.

At the end of the day, as a motorcycle rider, all we want is more certainty and control on our inevitable risks.  A nimbu-mirchi or daahi shakkar may merely provide you fake contentment, but not tangible protection. Investing in a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage like that of Bharti AXA is definitely worth it. It is responsive, rational, and ensure justice on road.

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