Mediocrity. The Poor R-Class From Mercedes Benz

In spite of being
parked in Mercedes showrooms in India for more than three months, the R-Class
350 could not make good numbers on road. What is the reason behind this fact
even though Mercedes claims to have sold its entire first lot of this CBU?? Well,
the reasons are multifarious. 

The R-Class
is really a serious stuff and is quite something, but what that something is
exactly isn’t very clear ironically! This massive vehicle, which is just a bit
shorter than the Audi Q7 and the Mercedes GL-Class, positions itself in an
unidentified place in the Indian market. It even finds itself in a bit of a lonely
place even at the global market. It was first conceived as a MPV (Multi-purpose
vehicle), sold as a sports cruiser first, and then toned down in the market
speak to a family tourer. It is in true sense a cross between a station wagon,
a minivan and in a very small sense an SUV. It is only in the US market it
finds its sole competitor, the Buick Enclave. So there isn’t a direct
alternative, making R-Class the sole proprietor of a class of its own.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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