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Stellantis in India: Jeep, Citroën to drive growth, no sign of Fiat

In India, Stellantis brands have invested over €1 billion in its local operations since 2015, and remains committed to the market with clear roadmap and products lineup as part of group’s global ‘Dare Forward 2030’ strategy, says CEO Carlos Tavares. But, why is Fiat missing the boat?

Hyundai Kona EV India

Electric Vehicles: Future Roadmap for India

The International Conference on “Electric Vehicles: Future Roadmap for India” was jam packed with industry experts sharing their thoughts on India’s readiness and adoption of electro-mobility, and also on procedural troubles in realizing the ultimate vision of the auto industry going emission-free.

Truck bus tyre management

Tyre Management For Lower Costs of Trucking

A formal and systematic tyre management program, either by fleets themselves or by outsourced professionals, can help fleets lower their cost-per-kilometre (CPKM) and improve turn-around time. Preventive maintenance can enhance the life of tyres and fuel efficiency, also ensuring better stability and safety.