Tata Motors demos Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in Prima, Signa

ESC can eliminate more than 50 percent of rollover crashes and reduce loss-of-control crashes by 25 percent.

Tata Prima Electronic stability control

Tata Motors has become the first automaker in the country to demonstrate Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MHCVs) segment, with be soon available in Prima and Signa truck ranges. Apart from ESC, the company has also showcased the Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and Hill Start Aid (HSA) in the premium Prima range. The safety technologies are developed by the company´s partner WABCO.

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While Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is already mandated as a regulatory compliance as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules for all CVs above 12 ton GVW, ESC in heavy vehicles is a fresh start. It extends the safety further by providing vehicle stability under arduous road conditions during handling maneuvers. The technology can predict instability scenarios and automatically intervene by braking, thus averting rollover, skidding and jack-knifing. It reckons the lateral acceleration and vertical axis constancy of the vehicle through sensors, only to apply brakes on selective wheels to tackle instability. Tata´s `ESCsmart´ ESC technology kick-starts a whole new beginning in vehicular safety in the Indian CV segment, and will prompt other OEs to bring in similar technologies into the market.

Tata Prima truck stability

ESC can will preventing jack-knifing in tractor-trailer, improve directional stability during dynamic maneuvers, prevent roll over during turning at high speed.

The Automatic Traction Control, on the other hand, prevents wheel spin during acceleration under slippery surface conditions. This will address loss of traction of one or more wheels, while also enduring the life of tyres by curbing unnecessary spins. The Hill Start Aid can avoid roll back of vehicles  on an uphill gradient after a stop, thereby drivers can move the vehicle with ease. It will also reduces clutch and brake liner wear.

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Tata Motors has announced that ESC shall be offered on Prima models including 4025.S and 4925 tractors, tandem models 2523T, 3123T and 3723T, Signa LPS 4018 and LPS 4923, and the LPT platforms of 25, 31 and 37-tonnage. ATC and HSA will be available in Prima range, and will be extended to other truck and bus ranges, the company has revealed.

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