Tata Prima 4040.S Tractor-Trailer: Most Powerful Export Variant – Tech Specs & Photos

With an extreme 400 hp of power on tap, the Tata Prima 4040.S Tractor-trailer unit is the most powerful truck in the entire Prima range of world-class trucks. As the name suggests, the heavy hauler has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 40 tonnes, and is offered with key safety features, in-cabin infotainment system, and best-in-class reliability and low maintenance. The 4040.S is a purely export variant for the international markets and is not available in our domestic market as of now.

Tata Prima top end truck

The 4×2 single axle truck is powered by a BS-4 compliant 8.9-litre Cummins ISLe diesel engine with a High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) system from Bosch. The engine consists of integrated fluid lines, high strength tensile steel aggregates to support the overall durability, and an updated engine filtration system. It is paired to a 16-speed manual gearbox sourced from ZF that offers more gearing ability for better gradeability and improved fuel efficiency than the other 9-speed gearboxes used in lower Prima variants. The truck is also equipped with waste gate turbocharger and an in-built engine Jake brake.

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The extra power up to 400 hp is aimed at international customer requirements, which would help the truck to do its job with less effort, thereby minimising the driver’s fatigue our of less gear shifts. The powerful range topper in the Prima series for the international market so far was the Prima 4938.S with 49-tonne GVW and 380 hp of power. In India, the top-end variant as of now is the Prima 4928.S with 49-tonne GVW and 280 hp of power.

The 4040.S articulated truck looks stunning from outside, appearing more fancier and elegant than all the Prima trucks we have seen before. Thanks to loads of chrome and nickel-finish elements (like the door steps or alloy wheel rims), the truck is all glittery and upmarket. Things such as Daylight Time Running Lamps (DRL), chrome grille, large and wide California mirrors, shiny black plastic cladding, mill metric tires, and the rust-free all-aluminium fuel tank hardly miss one’s attention. On the inside, the truck is unbelievably high-class with premium ergonomics on par with elite European truck brands. The cab design and driver’s comfort meets new benchmarks here with this truck, thanks to ergonomic sleeper berth, cab doors with multi-functional control buttons, air suspension reclining seat, all-weather HVAC, and ample storage compartments. Not to forget the touch screen infotainment system and remote key-less entry feature for the first time in the Prima range.

Tata Prima Dashboard

Tata Prima 4040.S: The cab ergonomics and driver’s comfort meets new benchmarks

This long-haulage truck is equipped with key safety technologies including Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) to alert the driver in case the vehicle deviates from its lane, and Autonomous Emergency Braking system (AEBS) to prevent accidental collisions, apart from standard ABS. Other features that are new in this Prima includes height adjustment through a remote control for easy coupling and decoupling of the trailer, and the Electronically-controlled Air Suspensions (ECAS) that ensures better ride stability and handling.

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Tata Prima 4040.S Tractor-Trailer – Image Gallery

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