Nikola One Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Generates 1,000 hp

Nikola One Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

With 1,000 hp and 2,711 Nm of torque on board, the hydrogen-electric truck’s maximum driving range is claimed at 1200 miles (1900 kms).

Nikola Motors is an American start-up company with big plans on bringing zero-emission trucks and UTVs by the end of this decade. The Utah-based firm has unveiled its flag-ship semi-truck (tractor-trailer unit) ‘One’, whose performance rating numbers and specifications are simply staggering! The company is planning to begin product deliveries to select customers on leasing program, in two-three years time frame.

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The Nikola One is a quintessentially ‘American’ in terms of styling, with a unique hooded-like front fascia, grand LED DRLs treatment, funky side mirrors, airplane-like windshield elements, and futuristic overall appeal. On the inside, the truck features uncluttered dashboard layout with a large monitor-like centre console display and all-digital driver instrument cluster.

Situated on its frame rail, the high-capacity 320-kWh lithium battery is the only source to propel the truck’s electric motors. The batteries are recharged by a custom-built hydrogen fuel cell powertrain generating 800 volts. Nikola Motors claim that the it is ultra-efficient than any diesel-powered counterparts, returning up to 6.54 kmpl (15.4 miles per gallon). Together with the truck’s battery pack and the powertrain, the company claims probably driving range around 1,287 to 1,931 kms (800 to 1,200 miles) on a single charge.

The power-to-weight ratio of this truck is simply amazing. Weighing just around 907 kg (2,000 lbs) lighter than an average Amercian hooded-truck, the Nikola One is said to generate up to  1,000 hp of maximum power and a whooping torque of 2,711 Nm  (2,000 lb-ft). This can set standards for any zero-emission truck ever conceived, and can take on all ensuing environmental targets in the next decade.

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The company is to commence manufacturing once its proposed $1-billion plant is ready by 2018, with 50,000 units planned for each year. It is also working on creating hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure across USA and Canada by 2020, with own-produced liquid hydrogen fuel for its products. A less-powerful and affordable hydrogen-electric hauler Nikola Two will is also on the anvil, and will enter into leasing programme to select customers in the years to come.

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