Volvo Introduces World’s Largest Bus Chassis in Brazil

Volvo Gran Artic 300 bi-articulated bus chassis is 30 metre long, can carry up to 300 passengers. 

Volvo Buses has unveiled the longest-ever bi-articulated city bus chassis at the FetransRio exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Designed specifically for South America’s high passenger capacity BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems, the buses built on the latest chassis can carry 30 more passengers than the longest chassis (27.2 metres) so far. The Gran Artic 300 has been developed and manufactured in Brazil.Volvo longest bus chassis

The Volvo Gran Artic 300 chassis is basically a ‘puller-type’ double-articulated bus with four axles and three passenger compartment sections. The internal combustion engine is mounted on the floor of the bus chassis in the first (primary) deck, with the cooling system mounted on the roof. Unlike other Volvo chassis designs found in Sweden, this one is not a low-floor configuration chassis as the Brazilian BRT systems involve elevated and enclosed stops. It is equipped with five doors for free flow of passengers and better passenger distribution inside the cabin.

Volvo is one of the leader bus chassis maker for BRT systems, where buses run on dedicated lines providing efficient, less-tiring, and cost-effective mobility in urban areas. The company has strong presence in South Amercian continent, where most of the major cities have BRT networks. In fact, the one in Curitiba, Brazil is the world’s first BRT system active since 1974. Large buses reduce the number of vehicles plying in the transit corridors, resulting in an increased average speed and traffic flow. Articulated buses are also highly efficient than the two or three rigid buses combined, therefore reduced emissions in city spaces.

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Major Brazilian bus body builders like Marcopolo, CAIO, Busscar, and Neobus are known to make bi-articulated buses atop Volvo chassis. More than 4,000 units have been delivered by the company to the region so far. Apart from Gran Artic 300, Volvo’s bi-articulated chassis line-up includes three other 3-axle models – Artic 150 (18.6 m),  Artic 180 (21 m), and Super Artic 210 (22 m).

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