Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid With BAE ‘HybriDrive’ System – 2016 IAA Hannover

New Solaris Hybrid

Poland-based Solaris Bus and Coach S.A has presented the new generation Urbino 12 Hybrid city bus at the on-going 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, Hannover.

The 12-metre low-floor bus meant for public transport is fitted with a serial hybrid drive propulsion system called ‘HybriDrive‘ produced by BAE Systems, a UK-based defence system manufacturer.

New Urbino Hybrid

New-generation Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid features a serial hybrid drive system ‘HybriDrive’ developed by BAE Systems

The innovative ‘HybriDrive‘ system works in association with an electric engine, a power storage system and a Cummins ISB 4.5-litre E6 diesel engine with 210 hp of power output. There is a Stop-and-Go system, which turns off the diesel engine at bus stops and setting forward in the emission-free mode as well. There is also an Arrive-and-Go system, which additionally allows for turning off the diesel engine already when the bus is approaching a stop. The electric motor then draws power from the storage system to propel the bus momentarily. The diesel engine, on the other hand, is itself efficient with reduced fuel consumption with low cylinder capacity. Thus, partial electric drive and efficient energy applications results in lower CO2 and particulate emissions during transit operations.

New Solaris Urbino

Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid: Eco-friendly Stop/ Start system does not affect the regular power requirements to run essential accessories.

The key feature of this hybrid electric drive propulsion system is its ability to prevent engine-idling at bus stops using its proprietary stop/start technology. The Accessory Power System designed by BAE Systems provides all the electric power a bus will need during the stop to keep its accessories running, such as the power steering, air compression, air conditioning, and even heater in colder conditions.

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Solaris says that a typical city bus spends nearly 40 percent of its operation time picking up passengers, and with the stop/start arrangement, the bus engine is deactivated at stops, saving both fuel and emissions. Further, buses with BAE’s electric drive systems will carry more than 1 billion passengers every year, which means 13 million gallons of fuel are saved and more than 150,000 tons of CO2 is stopped from being emitted into urban spaces.

Solaris is already producing Urbino 12 Hybrid buses with a parallel hybrid system sourced from Eaton since 2010. They are also equipped with stop/ start technology also with braking energy recuperation system.

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