Volta Zap: India’s First Electric Cycle, Bookings Open

Volta Zap e-bike

Volta Motors, a Chennai-based startup, has unveiled its Zap ‘Crossover Electric Bike’, although its  official market launch and pricing isn’t known yet. But the product’s pre-order bookings are already on over its website.

The bike has a electric ride range of about 60 kms on a single charge, without any peddling action, bringing down the average running cost to a meagre 7 paisa/km! Further, new products like this may create positive ambience for zero-emission vehicles in the industry, rightly at the time when there is too much hue and cry on vehicular pollution.

Zap e-bike

Volta Zap has an electric ride range of 60 kms on a single charge

Best suited for daily short commutes in urban areas, the Volta Zap features a detachable Lithium-ion battery pack that is as light as just 3 kgs. The battery can also be used as a power bank to charge your gadgets as well. Once you run out of power midway, the Pedal Assist feature of this e-bike may save you with its 3 amplification of every pedal rotation into 3 full wheel rotation.

The funky electric cycle boasts an integrated LCD display to bring essential riding details, which also syncs with the firm’s Volta companion app in your mobile devices. There are disc brake and suspension hub up front, along with a LED front vision lamp, night reflectors, customised body panels, and a small storage bin. There is no pillion seat however.

Zap e-bike

Volta Zap: Estimated price of the e-bike is around INR 30,000

Although the exact prices are yet to be revealed by the firm, it is estimated that the Volta Zap may cost around INR 30,000. This may seem ridiculously expensive, but once the commercial production kicks off, the prices may come down. The company may also try to make use of various governmental incentives that are on over for zero-emission electric vehicles to bring down the production costs of this ‘Made-in-India’ electric bike.

It is to be noted that Volta Zap isn’t the first electric two-wheeler ever in India. Ather S340 launched earlier this year by an another startup called Ather Energy was India’s first electric scooter.

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