Tata Bolt EV Prototype is better than you think

Tata Bolt Electric UK prototype

At the time when the whole car industry is speaking about the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV‘s outstanding electric drive range ever of 383 km per full charge, here is an another ‘Bolt EV‘ to which we can relate ourselves with.

Developed by Tata Motors UK’s R&D division, this electric family car prototype with our home-grown ‘TATA’ badging is on trials in Britain, and is exactly the same Bolt hatchback we have in India, but only with the conventional engine swapped for an electric motor run by batteries.

Guys at The Red Ferret tech blog have spotted this innocent little car somewhere in Britain’s countryside. The Bolt EV bags an 80 kW electric motor under its hood and is mated to a single speed gearbox. The e-DRIVE powertrain is run by compactly packed batteries under the rear floor board, which means there is no additional intrusion with the cabin and boot space. The car allegedly boasts a driving range of about 100 kms on a full charge, with 0-100 kmph acceleration in a brisky 10 seconds before hitting a top speed of 135 kmph.

Tata Bolt EV Powertrain

To much of a surprise, the Bolt EV prototype is all same and clean as the regular hatchback inside and gives an impression as if the car is production-ready! Only in place of the conventional gear stick, there is a rotary knob gear selector instead. The car is also a fully-loaded variant with touchscreen infotainment, dual airbags, and ABS, and the reviewer in the video is certainly impressed by the car’s cabin layout and built quality.

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Notably, Tata Motors UK have come up with many electric prototypes in the past, including the EV variants of Vista and Indica, Tata Iris EV and the Tata Ace EV. None of them were commercially sold in large numbers, nor the company is offering the Tata Bolt diesel/ petrol hatchback in the UK market.

Tata Bolt EV Dashboard

Regrettably, the Tata Bolt hatchback is facing doldrums in the Indian market owing to poor sales, and it is reported that the car is likely to be made a commercial-only model in the upcoming months.

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H/T, Photo Credits: The Red Ferret, Indian Autos Blog

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