Fuso eCanter All-Electric Truck – 2016 IAA Hannover

Daimler AG has presented the production-version of the Fuso Canter E-Cell light-duty all-electric truck as the new eCanter at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, Hannover. The Canter E-Cell was in a year-long fleet testing and customer trials so far, and the small-scale production run of the updated eCanter will reach select customers across Europe, USA, and Japan by next year. The eCanter represents the third generation of the world’s first fully electric-powered light truck manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), a Daimler-owned Japanese-based CV company.

Fuso E-canter EV

The Fuso eCanter is unique and attractive in appearance, thanks to its LED headlamps and distinct grille and bumper. There is also a removable digital tablet for the driver’s connectivity and information purposes. The electric truck employs a permanent synchronous electric motor of 185 kW (248 hp) output rating, with an impressive torque of 380 Nm. A standard single-speed transmission transfers power to the rear axle. Energy source to the electric motor is the battery pack of 70 kWh capacity, featuring five individual units of water-cooled lithium-ion batteries situated in the frame – one right behind the cab and two more on each side. The vehicle weighs 4.63 tonnes, yet claim an impressive weight balance with chassis load capacity of the 7.49 tonnes, with a driving range of more than 100 kms on a full charge.

Fuso Electric Truck

A flexible charging option is a major highlight of this e-truck. The eCanter can charge up to 80 percent capacity in less than an hour with direct current (DC) at a quick charging point, or 100 percent in seven hours with alternating current (AC) using a standard Combo 2 plug. Daimler says that the individual battery packs with three to six sets of batteries of 14 kWh each are planned for future models, thereby catering to specific customer requirements. A rapid charging with 170 kW reaching 80 percent battery capacity in only half an hour is also on the cards.

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The company also claims that the eCanter can help save up to 1000 euros (approx. INR 75,000) per 10 000 km compared to a diesel truck, and so is an economically attractive alternate to regular trucks. Lowered tech costs for its development also means that the truck is likely to be launched at competitive prices.

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