Tesla Model 3: Affordable Electric Sedan Unveiled; India Launch Announced

The newbie electric car company Tesla has finally unveiled its much-awaited affordable electric car for the masses – the Model 3. As the entry-level model in the Tesla’s line-up, the Model 3 will go on sale in US late next year with prices starting from $35,000 (INR 23.18 lakhs). In an incredible surprise, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has Tweeted that the company will make a grand entry into the Indian market this year, the first model on offer being the Model 3. Pre-order bookings for Indian buyers is already open for $1000, says the company!

In fact, this is the first time an American car is being open for pre-orders in India the same day as in the US market. However, it is likely that the deliveries for the Indian buyers will only start later in 2018, considering the whooping 115,000 pre-orders made globally in just 24 hours after the car’s first-ever disclosure. The company is working on a ‘giga factory’ at Nevada to produce required Lithium-ion batteries for such hefty numbers, along with expanding capabilities at its Fremont, California assembly line.

global debut model 3

Tesla Model 3 can hit 0-100  kmph in less than 6 secs, with a driving range of assured 215 miles.

The Model 3, to start with, is a turning-point in the 13-year old start-up firm. Being a relatively small car maker catering to the luxury segments, this model is being touted as the ‘affordable electric car for the masses’ – a pinnacle goal that the company’s co-founder Elon Musk started pursuing since 2006. The other three models from the company, so far, were all mind-boggling cars in terms of technology and features, also not to forget the production demand that they face from enthusiastic customers. The Model 3, with its entry-level positioning, will invite much heavier customer and infrastructure demands that may put the firm under hard tests of time.

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This all-electric 5-door sedan looks pretty-much like a smaller version of the Model S, thanks to its design and styling cues reminding its elder siblings, although the overall theme is a bit plain (pointing at its cost-cutting design). This includes the grille-less front fascia, curvaceous windscreens and roof section, and coupe-like rear ending. The rear-roof section is just one large piece of glass, while the chunky wheel arches and the elongated hood reminds me of Porsche Panamera. The interior may seem little weird, as a literally plain dashboard holds the largest-ever-seen 15-inch tablet-like infotainment screen. But this is how ‘future’ may supposedly look like, when combined with endless-techs and luxury! The Model 3 seems like to offer a taste of penultimate luxury for cheap bucks.

model 3 dashboard

A peek into future: Tesla Model 3’s dashboard featuring 15-inch infotainment system

Thanks to unique design and engineering prospects (as an electric car with no conventional engine), the Model 3 offers boot space both front and back, and more leg room and comfortable seating (for five), with batteries stuffed under the floor. The company also claims it to be extremely safe – Elon Musk expects 5 stars in all safety categories from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) tests.

And believe me, this entry-level Tesla is no logy in performance. The company claims a happy figure of 0-100 kmph in less than 6 seconds, with an average driving range of ‘atleast’ 346 kms (215 miles) on a full charge. This is more than decent, as the car’s closest competitor Chevy Bolt claims a maximum range of just over 200 miles. The entire trim range of Model 3 will have Super Charging, AutoPilot and other safety features as standard, adds the company.

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To sum up, the Model 3 seems to promise a taste of ultimate luxury, technology, and sustainability for a cheap bucks. And the announcement on Indian launch is heartening, although the car may touch a whooping price of around 50 lakhs in all possibility.

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