2013 BMW 7 Series. Royals Only. Great Irony!!

You know what? The 2013 BMW’s uber luxurious 7 Series Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) is reserved only for royals and nobles of modern India.  

Especially for the people from the grand palaces of Jodhpur and Dalal street! And people who associate themselves with the Sansad Bhavan too (none other than the parliament house of India). The German company may not claim exactly so, but the way it portrays and marketing the car, I feel that way. Feel free to comment, please!

Of course, the prices of the new car are by the way quite high-priced as usual. Starting from ₹ 92.90 lakhs (ex-showroom Pan-India), the high-spec 760Li is would cost around ₹ 1.73 crore. This would make the royals and higher-high-class royals of our land the potential buyers of the face-lifted BMW. 
I wonder how cunning BMW is in publicising this car. I see certain ironical bits in this case. The new car was first previewed in India at the Jodhpur One World Retreat, a charity event! (You read it right!) This was in the second week of last month, ahead of its official launch. The event, held for the first time, was to raise funds for the Jodhpur Maharaja’s Indian Head Injury Foundation. And BMW was the “luxury mobility partner” of the event! (I don’t know how far that’s appropriate for a charity event and the cause!). The cause may be genuine, but the event was more than just lavishly staged and spectacularly entertaining. Particularly the car launch ceremony was in itself artistic and posh with folk amusements and fireworks. A very exclusive elite audience and other select invitees witnessed the event – right clientele for the product isn’t it??

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at wagenclub@gmail.com

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  1. Sriram Iyer says:

    i understand that BMW is no for ordinary people. So people have to change their mind if they have BMW as their dream car. That's how it was all time right? but a nice article

    • Very true. But i felt like highlighting the class struggle between the usual BMW customers. Due to recession & other factors, cars sales are damn bad & companies find a very tough time. This piece was interesting because BMW focuses on the richest of the richest of high class BMW customers; marketing is only focusing only such buyers. The way they market is very cunning & this case is very ironical.

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