Renault Sport RS 01 GT Racer – 2016 Auto Expo

The 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, which concluded a week ago, was all about small cars and SUV; there were few supercars as well. But what Renault displayed at the show was something that transcended the mundane tone of the show – the Renault Sport RS 01, a racing GT used in mono-type racing championship Renault Sport Trophy in 2015.

Renault Sport RS 01 GT

Renault Sport RS 01 features a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis makes it as light as less than 1,100 kgs.

The company previewed this race machine to prove the Indian folks its passion for motor sports and technological know-how. Featuring a carbon monocoque chassis, a spectacular exterior design, and a punchy engine delivering over 500 hp, the Sport RS 01 can hit a top speed of over 300 kph.

The Renault Sport RS 01 is one of the most efficient grand tourers one can find in the globe today. Right from its conception, the RS 01 tries to maximise one ultimate goal in every possible manners – to be weightless and aerodynamically efficient so as to contribute to its track performance and endurance race feat. Therefore a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis has been used to make it as light as less than 1,100 kgs.

Also Read: Renault Eolab: The Most Exciting Concept At 2016 Auto ExpoThe lower-slung profile of the car is quintessential to a grand tourer with a central-rear engine, with a total length of 4,710 mm, width of 2,000 mm and a height of just 1,116 mm. Design wise, the racer’s front face is dominated by the central ‘Renault’ logo (akin to every other models of the brand), along with a signature LED-DRLs along the brake cooling scoops. The windows extend back towards to rear airfoil and the rear bonner is curvy. At the rear, there is an adjustable fin and a bossy diffuser that pushes the car to the track at higher speeds, thereby creating no drag that may penalize the racer’s top speed.

The Sport RS 01 is powered by a V6 3.8L twin-turbo engine borrowed from the Nissan GT-R. The engine deliver a maximum power of 550 hp and a peak torque of 600 Nm. It is mated to a longitudinal 7-speed sequential gearbox activated by paddle shifters along the steering wheel and an electromagnetic actuator. The clutch features anti-stall function as well.

For a racer, the road grip is of utmost importance. Along with the aerodynamic downforce facilitated by the design and stance, the RS 01 features a race-specific double wishbone layout suspension and a braking system consisting of 380 mm carbon discs with six-piston calipers. In terms of the occupant safety, there is a steel roll cage at the top, a collapsible steering column, and a six-point seatbelt. The front crash box can absorb energy in case of a head-on crash.

At the auto expo, Renault also presented the futuristic Eolab Hybrid Concept, along with the Renault Kwid Climber and Kwid Racer Concepts and the face-lifted 2016 Renault Duster compact SUV.

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