Renault Eolab: The Most Exciting Concept At 2016 Auto Expo

The Renault Eolab Concept, that was displayed at the 2016 Auto Expo, can be claimed as the most exciting and sensational concept at the motor show that took place in Greater Noida. The Eolab plug-in Hybrid Concept, revealed at the 2014 Paris Motor Show for the first time, is a technological marvel and a pinnacle of futuristic design.

Renault Eolab Concept

Renault Eolab prototype claims an exceptional fuel consumption of just 1 litre/ 100 kms (22 gms of Co2/km).

Frankly, I had a tough time in deciding on the “most exciting” concept on display at the show; the Audi Prologue Concept is an equally suitable candidate as well. However, the Eolab’s fundamental mission to achieve greatest possible fuel efficiency in every single possible ways is what makes this concept a the winner of every other concepts at the show.

The Eolab prototype claims an exceptional fuel consumption (in combined cycle) of just 1 litre per 100 kms (22 gms of Co2 per kilometre). This is achieved due to technological innovations in three focal areas namely:

1. Advanced aerodynamics – including the car’s shape and every movable exterior parts such as the active rear spoiler and lateral vanes that perform to optimise aerodynamics.

2. Weight saving – using multi-material body shell that is a blend of steel, aluminium, and composites. The roof is made of magnesium making it hardly heavy -just 4kgs.

3. Zero-Emission Hybrid Technology – combining maximum fuel efficiency with zero-emission mobility for short driving, say less than 60km and at speeds below 120 kmph.

In terms of mechanicals, the Eolab is powered by a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder (I3) petrol engine delivering 76 PS (56 kW) of power. It is paired with a 54 PS (40 kW) ‘axial flux discoid’ electric motor situated in the clutch casing. A 3-speed automatic gearbox delivers power to the front wheels. For pure-electric drive, a tiny 6.7 kWh lithium ion battery pack exist in the hybrid system with a driving range of 40 miles. The Eolab has two driving modes – the ultra-efficient ‘weekday’ mode and a ‘weekend’ mode that uses both the petrol and electric motors.

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Renault says that the even the space-age design of the Eolab concept has been worked in such a way to optimise the aerodynamics and weight. Therefore, the elements like the sloping roof and slender rear profile, and the seductive-looking body contour – all have one mission in common. Ultra-fuel efficiency!!

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