Scania unveils DC07 (7-litre) Engine range for City Trucks

Scania DC07 Engines for City trucks (1)

Three power levels, along with improved fuel efficiency, lower NVH levels, and reduced weight.

Scania has introduced a new series of 7-litre engines (DC07) intended mainly for city trucks, including the newly launched next-generation P-series, L-series, and CrewCab models aimed at urban applications. All Euro 6 compliant, the new in-line six has been developed together by Scania and Cummins and is based on the widely-used previous generation 6-cylinder engine. The company claims that a great deal of compactness and light-weighting has been achieved with the new engine, along with improved performance and driveability to suit demanding city applications.

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The new 6.7-litre power mill features four valves per cylinder, along with fuel injection system sourced from Bosch. The unit boasts a new fixed geometry turbocharger, and uses only selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for the exhaust gas after-treatment to meet Euro 6 emission standards. The new engine will be offered in three state of tunes – 220, 250 and 280 hp, along with standard 88 kW exhaust brake (at 2500 rpm) and choice of Scania Opticruise automated transmission. Plus, it is also compliant for use with 100 percent HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) that can give a carbon dioxide reduction of up to 90 percent.

Scania DC07 Engines for City trucks (2)
Scania now completes its new truck generation with the launch of city applications models including P-series, L-series, and CrewCab.

As against the Scania’s five-cylinder DC09 family, the new DC07 saves up to 360 kgs (engine weighing around 600 kgs). The unit is also compact, enabling a G-series cab floor to be used in P-series trucks with low-engine tunnel, thereby offering a 95 mm lower engine floor and more storage space.

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Scania’s international engine line-up now boasts eighteen different Euro 6 engines from four families – 7-litre, 9-litre, 13 and 16-litre units. They all power the company’s new truck generation, with power outputs ranging from 280 to 730 horsepower.

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Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric – 2017 Busworld Europe

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(8)

The all-electric city bus is scheduled to go on sale by next year.

Commercial bus maker Scania´s product range on display at the 2017 Busworld Kortrijk show also includes the battery-run low-floor city bus Scania Citywide. The Citywide LF Electric, which was on initial trials in Sweden, has received first-ever public premiere at the bus expo in Belgium.

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Although the company has not revealed any technical specifications and performance ratings of the electric drivetrain, it is understood that the battery-electric technology has been developed in-house after rigorous testing. Typical Combined Charging System (CCS) via cable sourcing of power from the main grid is available in these buses.

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(1)
Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric city bus with Wireless Inductive Charging system

In addition, Scania´s innovative wireless inductive charging is worth mentioning. This under body charging units built exclusively at the bus stops, so that the battery gets replenished while waiting for passengers. Sources say that a 7-minute charging can extend the driving range of the city buses by 14 kms.

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Scania claims that this method of opportunity charging is designed specifically for high-capacity urban routes. The system is already on test in the Swedish city of Södertälje for the brand´s electric-hybrid buses. Volvo Buses, on the other hand, is banking more on the open-source “OppCharge” opportunity charging infrastructure in Europe for its pure-electric and e-hybrid buses.

Scania Citywide LF Electric_WagenClub(9)
Scania Citywide LF Electric: Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis rendition on the roof inside the cabin!

The Scania Citywide LF Electric on display at the show is more than just a mobility product, but a work of art too! The designers have made exotic lighting impressions inside the cabin, with the use of unique and novel materials of Scandinavia. The roof brings wondrous rendition of the `Northern Lights´phenomenon, that is popular in the region of northern Sweden where the e-bus is soon to be inducted into service.

Apart from the Citywide LF Battery-Electric, Scania´s buses portfolio at the 2017 Busworld Europe event includes Scania Touring, Scania Interlink HD, Scania Interlink MD, and Scania Interlink LD Hybrid.

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Scania Citywide LF Battery Electric – Image Gallery

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