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Fiat 600e’s design and styling perfectly embodies the ‘Dolce Vita’ philosophy of Italian beauty and lifestyle, by combining the bests of aesthetics and functionality.

Fiat 600e RED electric SUV design
Fiat 600e is a classic example of timeless Italian design and styling.

Fiat recently unveiled its brand-new B-segment electric crossover ‘600e’ to the global audience with great fanfare. Primarily designed for the European market, the new car juxtaposes the modernity of digital and electric era with heritage-laced Italian styling that quintessentially defines the brand in itself.

Taking the name from the original Fiat 600 of 1950s and 1960s that later became a pop icon of Italian motoring, the new 600e rightly expresses the Italian beauty and lifestyle – or the Dolce Vita philosophy, according to Fiat. Dolce Vita in Italian means “the sweet life”, a life full of pleasure and luxury!

Designed by the team led by Francois Leboine, the Head of design for Fiat and Abarth brands, the new Fiat borrows certain design cues from the 500 family, only to integrate with the contemporary sleek and vivid styling that the brand is establishing for its new future, evident from the new Fiat 500e.

Iconic exteriors

The Fiat 600e is a classic example of timeless Italian design and styling that continues to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. Its compact silhouette, sleek lines and elegant curves, coupled with a sharper and more assertive face, bring a sense of aesthetic excellence that meets both fashion and functionality expected out of the brand.

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Eye-catching round headlights with ‘smiling’ LED DRLs, the 600’s chrome accents, the central grille, and the sculpted lower bumper treatments bring a sense of charm and character to the 600e at the front. A much more dynamic appeal is complemented by the matte black lower skirts, wheel arches, and side mirrors, not to mention the chunky 18-inch alloys!

Fiat 600e electric SUV Design Review
Fiat 600e’s compact silhouette, sleek lines and elegant curves give a sense of charm to character to the car.

The car’s rear is defined by the influence of the 500e and even the existing 500X, except for vertical lights, shining lines and curvy contours, and the Italian flag over the 600 moniker in the lower bumper. The 600e’s streamlined exterior profile is a big win for the design team, who much have also tuned it for optimum aerodynamic and functional efficiency.

Retro-luxurious interiors

On the onside, the new Fiat 600e embodies the Italian Dolce Vita and the true essence of the brand’s pop soul, with features specifically designed for the best pampering experience, according to the manufacturer. May it be the retro-inspired dashboard or the chic colour therapy (ambient light and the radio ambience with 8 colour tones and 64 combinations to suit every mood), the interiors combines the best of style and practicality.

The two-spoke steering wheel, 7-inch digital instrument cluster, and a 10.25-inch touchscreen for the ‘Uconnect’ infotainment system dominate the dashboard. It is complemented by the smart central tunnel, with a customized cover pad and flexible cupholders. Ivory synthetic leather seats with Fiat monogram with turquoise accents are a nice touch.

FIAT 600e RED Dashboard Interiors Review
Fiat 600e’s retro-inspired dashboard is complements the styling legacy of the car.

Of course, thee allure of the Fiat 600e doesn’t stop at its aesthetics. This car’s chassis has been engineered grounds up to make it more spacious and practical. Despite housing a 54 kWh battery pack on the cabin floor, the 600e offers generous leg room, head room, and even 360 liter boot space.

The Fiat 600e will be available in FIATRED and La Prima variants in Europe from September this year. The 600eRED comes in its hallmark red paint job and colour treatments inside and out, along with exclusive recycled fabric seats.

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The exquisite 600e La Prima, on the other hand, will be offered in four colour shades mimicking the natural beauty and landscapes in Italian flair, namely Sun of Italy, Sea of Italy, Earth of Italy, Sky of Italy.

Although the Fiat 600e will be available in pure-electric form for quite sometime, a petrol-hybrid electric version may join the offerings in the first half of 2024. The car will be sold exclusively in the European markets.

Fiat 600e La Prima and RED – Image Gallery

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