Lancia: New logo for electric mobility era

The legendary Italian brand’s ‘Renaissance’ roadmap envisages the brand to go 100 percent electric by 2028, with three new car models one every two years starting from 2024.

Marking the entry of Lancia brand into the era of electric mobility, the company revealed a new logo to display a refreshed approach and corporate identity in Europe. The latest logo will adorn the next-gen Ypsilon, Delta, and the yet-to-announce flagship model.

Lancia’s new logo

Lancia’s new logo is the eighth avatar in the brand’s 116 years of history. It is highly inspired by the 1957 logo that first debuted in Lancia Flaminia. According to the company, the new logo incorporates “elements of simplicity and graphic purity”, in terms of bluish color and aluminum-finish treatments, circular brushing, and fresh lettering.

The logo revisits all the distinctive elements of the historical logo including the wheel, the flag, the shield, and the lance, reinterpreted to make them modern and projecting them into the future, adds Lancia.

Further, Lancia also has introduced a new design language named ‘Pu+Ra’, meaning ‘Pure’ and ‘Radical’. The company has said that this radical design language will define the styling of the brand’s cars for the next 100 years.

A 3-D manifesto ‘Lancia Pu+Ra Zero’ was also revealed, whose design cues will inspire the upcoming three new models that are to be launched between 2024 and 2028.

It is to be noted that Stellantis appointed French car designer Jean-Pierre Ploué last year as the chief designer of Lancia and Alfa Romeo to rejuvenate the neglected brands.

As a part of Stellantis’ recovery plan for Lancia, the upcoming three models will embody both electrification and sustainability targets of the group’s “Dare Forward” strategic plan.

For instance, the new Lancia Ypsilon’s 50 percent of the cabin’s touchable surfaces will be ecological-friendly. Further, Lancia has also vowed to create an efficient and innovative supply-chain and distribution model across the Europe, including Italy.

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On the whole, Lancia envisages to become a credible, respectable, and aspirational brand in the European premium car market, while also banking on its own iconic heritage and reputation for reliable motoring.

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