Tata Ultra Electric 9m bus on Pilot-runs in Guwahati

Tata Motors has already secured ARAI homologation certification for its 9m and 12m electric buses.

The production-spec Tata Ultra Electric 9-metre bus has been pressed into a 7-day trial run in Guwahati, in association with Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC). This is perhaps the first such electric bus trial in the North-Eastern region, with ASTC planning to deploy emission-free buses in heritage and tourist spots in Assam. The test mule will offer free rides to the participants of FIFA team and devotees from Plantan Bazar to Maa Kamakhya Temple in the city.

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This trial follows the footprint of the Ultra Electric´s successful experimentation in Himachal Pradesh a few months ago, where the all-electric bus covered a distance of 160 kms in single charge. The trials in Chandigarh earlier also showed encouraging results with 143 kms, utilizing just 70 percent of its battery power. The latest mission will throw further insights on the vehicle´s performance and reliability in the arduous North-East region, where proper road infrastructure and charging networks are far challenging than rest of the country.

Tata Ultra Electric 9-metre bus

Tata Ultra Electric 9m is available with modern features such as Multiplex wiring system, automatic ticketing or Smart Card, ITS enabled, and Reverse camera assist.

As we know, the Ultra Electric bus features a permanent-magnet AC traction motor that develops 120 kWh of power and 550 Nm torque, sourcing power from a 120 kW Li-ion battery pack. Tata Motors claims that the battery pack is optimized for optimum efficiency in kWh per km, and its layout aimed at maximum passenger capacity. The roof mounted battery is liquid cooled and specially designed for Indian temperature condition, ensuring longer life, adds the company. It is also safe from water logging of electrical equipment. The driving range can be extended from smaller battery pack to 200 to 240 kms with opportunity charging, says Tata Motors.

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In fact, Tata Motors is spearheading the hybridization and electrification of passenger transportation in India, with a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles including Hydrogen-run Starbus FC. In the pure-electric category, the company is getting ready with a variety of 9-meter and 12 meter buses with various seating configurations, along with last mile connectivity solutions including Tata Magic and Magic Iris EV.

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