2016 Best New Cars Of The Year

The year of 2016 was quite a hectic year in the Indian automotive chronicle, with numerous new car launches and the Delhi Auto Expo jamboree at the beginning of the year. Determining the significant cars among all new launches of the year is challenging and thought-provoking, but also equally exciting. The key point in identifying ‘the best cars’ is not just recognizing the hardware, but we must also consider their packaging and value proposition, also pick-up the shifts and new trends in the segment or the whole industry that these cars have engineered or impacted.

We bring you ‘the best’ new cars of the year 2016 in India, also reasoning out briefly as to why they deserve such appreciation.

#1. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza: Read more

After a jury of 15 most-eminent auto journalist of the country has adjudged the Vitara Brezza as the prestigious ‘Indian Car of the Year 2016’ (ICOTY), we hardly have anything left to say. Not just because of the ICOTY feat, the Vitara Brezza does show us its winning streak every month with exceptional sales figures. Although not revolutionary in anyway in as a new car or by its hardware, it is more of a rational choice among the buyers, thanks to its balanced rendition of being practical, good-looking, spacious, decently equipped, and good-to-drive.

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#2. Tata Tiago

201 Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago: Read more

The pros of this car outweighs the cons so much that the new Tiago actually deserves to be the best car of the year 2016. Why? We have seen over the years how Tata cars are evolving, the company has put its best efforts into the Tiago. The outcome is pretty impressive – attractive styling, spacious, loads of equipment that most of its rivals are devoid of, premium interiors, and good value proposition. It is the best the home-grown company has ever made, and that’s why!

#3. Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo
Volkswagen Ameo Compact Sedan: Read more

The Ameo is an out-of-the-blue car from Volkswagen, as it throws a surprising value proposition in the sub-4 metre sedan segment. It gets the bests and worsts of the Polo hatch, but is nicely equipped, feels more premium, and built strong, far better than most of its rivals. Although falls short of practicality and punchy petrol engine, the Ameo’s strengths are far more to balance its cons.

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#4. BMW 7-Series

2016 BMW 7-Series
BMW 7-Series: Read more

The latest 7-Series is a lovely car that brings everything you ever wanted – cutting-edge technology, fancy gizmos, luxurious interiors, sporty performance, and decent pricing. It is loaded with features and gadgets, making it the best overall luxury limo sedan one can buy right now in India.

#5. Jaguar XE

2016 Jaguar XE
Jaguar XE: Read more

The XE is definitely the best ‘heart-touching’ sedan in the mid-size luxury segment. It is fresh, both the exterior and interiors have a sense of warmth, unlike its German counterparts. The baby Jag is dynamic, rides and handles well, and is considerable practical, except for the rear legroom. It’s only petrol engine is simply brilliant, while a diesel mill can do better sales number in India.

#6. Volvo S90

Volvo S90
Volvo S90

The new Volvo S90 sedan stole the show this year in the mid-size executive segment long dominated by the German trio. This car puts comfort and luxury above everything else, that’s precisely what  brand stands for. The interiors are top-class, loaded with technology and features, while the energetic styling is something hard to say no to.

#7. Hyundai Elantra

2017 Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Elantra: Read more

The executive budget sedan segment is shrink to half for lately, but the new Elantra brings back some attention to the spot. It’s aggressive pricing is both its pros and cons. The car’s styling and interiors are simply great, quite impressive the way the Elantra has evolved from its previous generation. But the equipment packaging kills of some real goodies for the low-end trims, otherwise the car would have got even better attention.

#8. Ford Endeavour

2017 Ford Endeavour
Ford Endeavour: More Images here

The new Endy is a silent winner, as it is arguably the best 7-seat SUV in its class based on value-proposition. It even wins over the new 2017 Toyota Fortuner, thanks to its sturdy build, superior drivability and handling, luxurious interiors with premium equipment, and a diverse engine and gearbox options to choose. Affordability is yet another factor why this car is the ‘best buy’ of its segment.

#9. Toyota Fortuner

 2017 Toyota Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner

The Fortuner is no less capable either. It has its own strongholds that can never be conquered by either Endy or whatever car. It takes forward all the pros from the previous model, with reliability and luxury enhanced in a big way. But its huge price and lack of equipment brings down its score in the list unfortunately.

10. Toyota Innova Crysta

 2017-Toyota-Innova Crysta
Toyota Innova Crysta: Read more

It is definitely a huge leap-forward for the Innova, with even more spacious cabin and better road dynamics, coupled with a bolder styling. It is more upmarket that we wanted it to be, ending up competing against the executive sedan instead of reigning in its stronghold.

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