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 Performance has traditionally been equated with power, which is why car buyers obsess over the bhp/PS number of cars. But those bhp stats are often the peak power that the engine produces at its high rpm range. However, we tend to stick to the mid-range or even the low-end during our usual everyday driving. Which is why we have compiled a list of Top 10 Cars with Highest Torque to Weight Ratio under 10 lakh.

Torque to Weight Cars Ranking

Buyers and manufacturers both have started to focus more on Torque. Torque peaks at lower revs than power and has a much stronger relation to how quickly a car picks up speed at low-mid rpm than the power figure. However, heavier the car more the torque required to propel it. Which is why the torque to weight ratio is an even more useful statistic to gauge the performance feel of a car. That is why we have compiled this list of Top 10 Highest Torque to Weight Ratio Cars under 10 lakh. It is no surprise that all the cars in the list are diesel powered, thanks to the high compression ratio at which diesel combustion happens, compounded further by today’s cutting-edge common rail diesel injection systems

#10. Honda Amaze: 191 Nm/ton

Coming in at 10th place and an outstanding torque-to-weight ratio of 191 Nm/ton is the Honda Amaze. It is the lightest Honda to get the 1500cc Earth Dreams engine which it shares with the City, Mobilio and Jazz. It has outstanding drivability too, with hardly any turbo lag making it much easier to drive than the #9 ranked Elite i20. Only caveat is that it is far too vocal for most of today’s customers that prefer lifelessly silent cars. With an ARAI certified mileage of 25.8 kmpl, it is also one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the market. And with prices of the diesel variant starting from 6.21 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi) it is also light on the pocket.

#9. Hyundai Elite i20: 193 Nm/ton

Hyundai’s overboosted Elite i20 makes makes it to #9 position. Although it puts out a fantastic torque-to-weight number of 193 Nm/ton, it is riddled with excessive turbo-lag mainly because, Hyundai has bolted on a huge turbo on to its 1400 cc, mainly to add more brochure value obtained from high peak power & torque outputs. But bigger the turbo more the revs it requires to spool up, which is why the Elite i20 pulls cleanly only beyond 2200 rpm. That might be great while overtaking heavy traffic on the highways, but becomes a nuisance while driving in stop and go traffic that we encounter in city commutes.

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#8. Maruti-Suzuki Baleno: 198 Nm/ton

It is not really a high torque output but actually the feather-light kerb weight of the Baleno, which puts it amongst the top 10. It is also the only Maruti-Suzuki in this list which shows how most Maruti cars are torque deficient because they are stuck with only one engine option to power its entire range of cars. The 800cc Celerio engine has been a disaster and the newly imported 1.6 Multijet is prohibitively expensive. What beats us is that it has been at least 5 years since the debut of the next generation of Fiat’s diesel engines viz. the Multijet II, which have higher power and torque output than the current engine and would alleviate drivability issues of heavier Maruti cars like the Ertiga and S-Cross. Nonetheless, the Multijet is unbelievably efficient and holds the honour of powering the most fuel-efficient car in India, the Ciaz SHVS. The Baleno here holds the distinction of being the most fuel efficient car on the list.

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