Nissan Sway Concept And Its Future Beyond Micra

Nissan’s trendy Sway concept may beget into a new range of car(s) within the subcompact
class in Europe, not necessarily to replace Micra in future. The future Micra sold in Europe and India are to be completely different either.

The Sway concept, which was previewed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show last week, is not to replace the upcoming 2016 Micra for the
European markets, which is due next year. Nissan’s Europe head, Paul Willcox, has
rejected any such gossips and further added that the concept is utterly a test
of ‘new design’.

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However, sources within the company hint that the Sway concept
could lead to a new intermediate model or range within the subcompact segment.
Nissan feels that the categories of subcompacts and compacts, and hatchbacks
and crossovers are no more water-tight. “There is room for something new, we
just need to find it,” Nissan’s global head of performance Trevor Mann told
Auto News.

Nissan Sway Concept at Geneva this year

The Sway concept hatchback took everyone into surprise as Nissan gave a glimpse at how its future compact hatchback designs would unfold. The little, egg-shaped small car actually exhibits elements from other concept cars of the brand and puts them together into a five-door cutie. The boomerang-reminding LED headlights, chicer grille and air intakes, suicide doors with no B-pills, and floating roof motif are way beyond our imagination for a compact car.
The interior wasn’t less amazing. The driver’s cool instrument cluster, a digital tablet at the center of the dashboard for infos, and the panoramic glass roof is worth mentioning. This concept is yet another study hinting at a future product. 


The upcoming Micra is crucial to Nissan Europe, since it is
to feature brand’s new design language like its other offerings in the segment
and the company hopes to bring its sales back on track, as it is currently outsold
by the Juke crossover and Note minivan. The next Micra will be based on the modern
CMF platform and will be made at its Flins plant in France from next year. As
of now, Nissan exports the hatch from its Chennai plant in India.
The next-generation Micra for the Indian market will be
different from the European versions almost totally. Beyond functionality and
specifications, the new Micra for India is being developed on a slightly modified
current V-Platform. The company sees no viability in spending more on the costlier
CMF for Indian offerings. The new Micra for India will be ready by next year. Nissan is selling Micra in India since 2010 and is a respectable success.

Fourth-generation Micra that is currently on sale.

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