Even Big Trucks Can Rag Track Machines! | Video

Trucks on Tracks! Okay, not that rhyming. These two video clips that went viral over internet among petrol-heads rendered me some speech-less jiffy. Usually I am little wary of all these promotional stuffs, but these were really interesting. They feature powerful big-rigs with deadly track machines. Both videos are, of course, not related.

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#1 In this stunt organised by F1 team Lotus and  sponsors EMC, a Renault Magnum truck not
only clears the F1 car but leaps over like a beast and lands without toppling. It even sets a world record of 83 feet 7 inches for the longest jump by a tractor and trailer. Watch the full video below. It’s short and awesome!

#2 Here, a Volvo FH truck races against a Koenigsegg
One:1. Basically I love this idea. Two completely different vehicles end up in a thrilling fight to
win. Behind the wheel of the Volvo FH truck is TV presenter and former
racing driver Tiff Needell (That guy looks like Clint Eastwood though!!).
The race is held in order to test
Volvo Trucks’ new gearbox I-Shift Dual Clutch, which is based on sports
car technology as claimed by the company. Since Tiff Needell has never driven a truck before, he
first takes the Volvo FH out for a few test laps. And then: it’s on! Nice entertainment stuff..

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Video Credit: EMC, Volvo Trucks

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

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