IAA 2014 Hanover: International Commercial Vehicles Show This Year


The just concluded 65th International Motor Show (IAA) for the
CVs seized the whole industry and visiting media folks as the planet’s
leading trade fair for transport, mobility and logistics.
The Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is indeed the world’s largest and undeniably the most prestigious auto show in every sense. And for Commercial Vehicles, IAA marks a grand celebration too! Since 1991, the Frankfurt show is split in two events: even-numbered years show commercial vehicles in Hanover and odd-numbered years passenger cars and motorcycles in Frankfurt.

“Driving The Future” was this edition’s slogan. Apart from regal display of their trucks and buses by leading brands, and products by various component manufacturers, IAA have set stage for a sustainable and efficient mobility and logistics solutions for future. The current focus was more on innovation and technology on the arenas of vehicular and driver safety, drive-line and fuel source, efficiency, and vehicle-vehicle communication.  

In particular, the year’s show was captivated by the presence of extensive range of electric vehicles. CVs do aspire to go electric and sustainable, while passenger cars have already taken much leap in the domains of e-mobility. The show sent a strong message that the next step of the CV industry is to de-carbonise road cargo transport, by pushing for better transparency in such technologies and highlighted the regulatory constraints and investment difficulties involved in investing in greener vehicles. The idea of Cargo bikes for city deliveries and other commercial purposes was an another spark mooted at the show.

Here are few other highlights of the show:

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