Fiat Linea 1.3 MultiJet Diesel in India

I often feel that Fiat has never been so serious about its presence in India. Ever since its entry, it has faced really tough times and even today! With the new business strategy to face the market on its own in the days to come, the company’s fate may be freshened. It could have packed up and left just like Peugeot did. But the Italian giant stuck on waiting for good omen to prove it.
Fiat Linea photo collection
Some six years ago, Fiat desperately needed nothing short of a stroke of genius to pull it back from the brink. And came the Linea saloon to admire the segment. It’s got some genuinely pretty bits – distinctive design and styling (Italian in all senses!), affordable pricing, familiar engine options, etc.
The 1.3 litre MultiJet diesel is validly criticised for its inadequate performance considering the size and segment of the car. But the T-Jet petrol variant of the Linea is the top performer in the segment too. Loaded with interesting and cool features, this car is one of my favorite.
Here’s the photo gallery of the Linea 1.3 MultiJet. Click here to view more photos in the gallery.

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