Verito pep up. Retains Logan!

I have to speak the truth here. Only the truth! Because, I’m gonna talk about the new face-lifted Mahindra “Verito”, etymologically roots from the Latin word ‘Veritas’ meaning truth. A short time ago, I test drove the new Verito sedan and have to admit that I’m quite surprised with what have been done, though my expectations were not very high earlier.

The original Logan was widely criticised for its boxy and fairly passe looks and the subsequent Mahindra re-badged version was the same. That design, in any case, was in major need of refreshing, and any revitalizing is always going to be welcomed. And now, the car looks very different and eye-catching though the skeleton and sides reminds you of the Logan. The front grille had been majorly tweaked (looks more ‘Kia’ – like!!) and the chrome gives the car a new character. The headlamps have been redesigned and with the new bumper, the car is now a typical Mahindra.

The side moldings that are added to the doors and the roof rails grabs our attention (I’m not sure I like them, they look bit plasticky), but a good effort. The rear is where we can sense phenomenal changes – gone are the too flat and dated boot lid and tail lamps. The reworked tail lamps and the chrome strip complements the smart-looking rear design and is now justly contemporary. The dash looks pretty attractive but feels a bit over done with too many textures and colours, though the original Logan layout is still present. The power window switches have been moved to the doors and the in-built music system (top-end) is reasonably good.

The dashboard is a bit over-finished and plasticky, but fairly attractive.
Having done hundreds of kilometers in Logan earlier, I would say that the Renault’s 1.5 Dci diesel engine is one of the best and is now found in several other Renault-Nissan cars as well. The Verito is nothing strange, it is same as the Logan. The engine is pretty responsive, fun to drive and  is highly fuel-efficient. The clutch feel too loose and there is much play in it, which needs to be addressed. The noise and vibration levels into the cabin are filtered to a greater extent and the trembling of gear lever while accelerating is almost nil, which I hate in Logan. The power steering is a bit tight and hard to use, comparing to the cars like the new Dzire. The car is good in terms of ride and handling, and the suspension is comfy especially for long drives. The Verito also comes with the same 1.4 litre Petrol motor from Renault. 

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On the whole, the new Verito is more plush and improved comparing to the Logan. It retains spacious cabin and boot, efficient diesel engine, and the solid and durable feel  – all from the Logan. It looks attractive and affordable in terms of pricing and value-for-money and can be said as the stalwart of the segment. 
So, if I want to say about the new Verito in Aamir Khan’s style, then “Satyamev Jayate” that is the truth (Veritas) honestly triumphs!! Now the only question you must ask yourself is “Are you a Verito man??”

Smarter than the Logan isn’t it??

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