Road Rage: Ways to turn away from it

Driving is certainly a pleasurable activity and people loves to drive. But it is increasingly the most stressful activity too. We are not alone on the road, we share it with others too. And there lies the problem. People may not behave as we expect to our favour, nor conform to rules for collective goods. You may get your car scratched by an another road user or a slow moving car may not leave you space to pass. Someone may cut in front of you too closely, or turn without a proper signal. Such incidents may increase your stress and anger levels and you may note a raging avatar of yourself while on the road. Entering into an argument or a duel with an another driver, exchanging impolite words out of anger in front of many, confronting someone on the road, etc. are signs of road rage.

avoiding road rage fights with other road users

You are not at war on road, though it may appear to be. No one is going to note whether you win or lose. Suppressing your anger and your subsequent stress levels on road to move out of the situation is what you a smart driver tries to do. Here are few tips to follow to have a peaceful road experience.
Never assume that other motorists around you might follow the rules because you do. There are several irresponsible idiots on the road so always try to anticipate what they might be upto next. When you are on city roads, try to be defensive in driving. Reserve your speed lust for open highways.


If another motorist decides to confront you, it is right to apologize even though it might not have been your fault. No one is going to note whether you win or lose. Avoid any eye contact and getting personal in such a situation. If someone else has cut you off, do not follow his lead and do the same. Avoid blocking, cutting or tailgating another motorist on the road. Never ever race at dangerous speeds to annoy someone. Aggressive driving gives way to outright violence.
Trying to beat the clock in busy schedule is sure to raise your stress levels. Trying leaving home early to escape getting caught in rush. Allow adequate time to accommodate traffic delays and avoid being a racer guy on road.
Everyone makes mistakes, so try to be considerate. Always keep in mind that at some point you too have made a mistake on the road. Avoid screaming, swearing, shaking your fist and making obscene hand gestures. Engaging in retaliatory display of unsafe driving will make a bad situation worse.
Avoid playing loud aggressive heavy metal or rock music when you drive. It can make you feel pumped up for action instead of helping you drive calmly. Listen to pleasant music at low tempo will help you calm down. (Well, that’s not the case for long highway drive, you may dose off!) Anything that puts you in a relaxed mood is beneficial.
Not only will following the rules and road protocols reduce your chances of getting into a potentially serious accident, but you will be far less likely to incite the anger of other drivers.
Driving in traffic is a cooperative activity. Give way to others who might be struck in the wrong lane unintentionally, move out of the way of a faster car if you can. Maintain a positive, helpful nature and you’ll be amazed to see that other drivers will go out of their way to help you on the road.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Editorial consultant (Automotive and Technology), academic, and blogger based in India. He can be reached at

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