Overseas feat! The XUV 5oo

    Mahindra XUV 5oo is an actual winner in the Indian auto industry. With 35,000 units already sold in one year since its launch and 14,000 bookings awaiting, the SUV remains to be the best seller of its class. Nevertheless, it sets standards for its rivals in the segment. Success story doesn’t end with the borders  of India, but goes beyond that as well!

 The company launched its ‘global SUV’ in the Sri Lankan market few months back and the initial customer response is over-whelming. The car is marketed by the Ideal Motors and is imported from India as a CBU. The technology, features, and the equipment list of the XUV is what attracts more people in the island nation. The market is Sri Lanka is not as diversified as ours, so Mahindra SUV comparatively offers more sophistication for the price. Mahindra do offers some of its pick-up and crew-cab versions and tries to give a tough fight to the Tata, another Indian auto popular in Lanka who’s Nano is extensively popular in the island country.

     But with the hike in the import duties of vehicles by the Lanka from the early part of this year, Indian exports of two-wheelers, cars, and commercial vehicles declined considerably. Sri Lanka accounts for about 13 percent of India’s vehicle exports. Though the hiked import duty was to cut down the rising import bills amid widening trade deficit of the country, which is accused of war crimes and genocide of its own people. The civil war cost the nation’s economy and development.
     Other than Lanka, the XUV 5oo is also offered in Australia. But Aussies probably don’t even know the brand, let alone the car.Yet, with a starting price below $30,000 and better capabilities in terms of performance, equipments and features, the XUV doesn’t look bad. With a better brand image and network, Mahindra can make its dreams in the continent nation. The SUV is also available in South Africa, Chile, Italy and few other ASEAN, South and central American and European countries as well, but is not as popular as the Scorpio.

Dhiyanesh Ravichandran

Dhiyanesh is equally crazy about driving cars and writing about them. This guy loves everything with a steering wheel, so, at someday if self-driving cars take up all driving, he is sure to go nuts! He likes sedans of 90s era, esp W140 S-Class and R34 Skyline GT. Apart from usual motoring stuffs, he maintains a strong appetite for sociological perspectives on cars, their historical and cultural footprints. He owns a 1999 Fiat Siena passionately, and drives a Ford Fiesta.