Fiat Siena: Cleaning rusty fuel tank | DIY Car Restoration

Hello folks! Here is my experience log on cleaning of my 23 year-old Fiat Siena’s (Palio sedan) rusty petrol tank using NC thinner and liquid dish wash soap. 

The car was in storage for an extended period of time, for about three years (thanks to 2020 effect!), so I wanted to make sure that the old fuel in the tank is drained out and the tank’s condition is all okay, before attempting to start the engine. To my surprise, I found dirty residue combined with rust on the floor and walls of the tank. So, I had to clean and prep up the fuel tank. 

This video brings out my way of doing the cleaning! Do let me know if there is an even better and much more effective way to clean the rusty fuel tank. Please share your observations and comments. 

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Do note that cleaning the fuel tank of a car is not part of periodic maintenance and you don’t have to do this unless you have left the car with fuel for a while – say at least a couple of years – or you have already unscrewed the fuel pump and even the tank for any related repairs. Because, removing fuel tank is tedious and requires proper tools and know-how. 

Moreover, rust in fuel tank of a regularly used car is not that common. But, in certain case where the fuel used is of poor quality or contaminated with water and dust particles, may cause rusting over the course of time.    

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