HM Ambassador To Come Back As Peugeot In India??

Iconic HM Ambassador nameplate has been sold-off to Peugeot Group for INR 80 crores.

Peugeot Ambassador India

HM Ambassador (1958-2014) is a car that is embedded well into the Indian car culture, has seen many epochs, and may seen a lot more in future as well!

You know, the most shocking surprises are the most beautiful ones! And here we have one – the HM “Ambassador” nameplate seems to be heading to a new lease of life with the Peugeot, which is planning a grand foray into the Indian car market by the end of this decade. Hindustan Motors has sold the legendary ‘Ambassador’ moniker and trademarks to the PSA Group for a deal of INR 80 crores. Executed as a JV agreement, the HM, in a statement, said that the proceeds from the sale of the Amby nameplate will help it clear the dues of employees, lenders and other outstandings.

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It is quite apparent that HM was looking for a right opportunity to sell the Ambassador trademark, but it is quite surprising why Peugeot was interested in it? Is is simply to complement the joint-venture agreement signed last month with the CK Birla Group (that owns HM), or a new strategic move backed by a serious plan to resurrect the ‘Amby’ nameplate with an India-specific car?

The “one new car, per region, per brand and per year” strategy of the PSA Group does hint at a region-specific, locally-made, affordable car for India by 2020, along with a host of cars from its international line-up. Is that car to be named as Ambassador to woo Indian buyers with a pinch of nostalgia? Will the indestructible body shell and immensely spacious interiors, with sofa-like rear seating, of the original Amby be carried forward in the new car? Well, some surprises are always enigmatic and worth the wait!

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The moment I came to know about this deal, the first thing to strike my mind was an old TVC advertisement of the Peugeot 206 hatchback from early 2000s (given below). The Ad titled “The Sculptor” created by Giovanni Porro involved a funny-yet-thoughtful story line of a young Indian man making an exact replica of 206 hatch out of his old HM Ambassador by damaging (by making a tusker sit on the car’s hood) and tinkering it. And now that we remember, Peugeot’s idea of buying the Amby seems a long-pondered one and less spontaneous.

However it is, if Peugeot could reciprocate the mightly success of the Ambassador with their new car, if at all that’s the plan, then mission accomplished. Of course, we do realise that is like conquering Mt. Everest, considering the limitations for a new brand with a haunting past experience and strong competition from other car makers. The Amby’s reign was in a bygone era, every little things have changed now.

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