Tata Xenon Yodha Pick-up Truck (Commercial) Launched

Powered by 3.0-litre Common-rail diesel; available in multiple versions including 4×4 and double-cab, with payload capacity up to 1,250 kgs.

tata xenon yodha pickup truck details price

Tata Motors says that Xenon Yodha is much-improved, reliable and rugged pickup, with lowest operating and maintenance costs.

Tata Motors has unveiled the improved and more rugged Xenon ‘Yodha’ pick-up truck for multiple light commercial applications, with a starting price of INR 6.05 lakhs (single cab BS III). The vehicle is available in both BS III and BS IV versions, with numerous mechanical changes and additions for enhanced practicality in both on and off-road conditions. Interestingly, the company has roped in Bollywood star Akshay Kumar as a brand ambassador for its CV division, starting with this new model.

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The new Xenon Yodha stands on a durable chassis slapped with additional reinforcements and a strong rear axle with individual double bearing. It boasts higher ground clearance (210 mm) and gradeability, enabling the pickup to munch rugged terrain even when loaded with cargo. The large 16-inch alloys does help, while the strong suspension system with 5 leaf springs up front and 9 leaves at the rear ensures better safety and handling. There are also anti-roll bars enhanced highway stability.

Powered by a 3.0-litre common rail directly-injected diesel engine that generates 72 hp of power and 223 Nm of torque in BS III avatar and 85 hp of power and 250 Nm of torque in BS IV configuration. It is paired to an improved and reliable gear box, tuned for an ideal flat curve at 1600-2200 rpm.

Visually, there is hardly any styling changes to the new Xenon as compared to the previous version, except for the lower front bumper and side door graphics. On the inside, things are unchanged too. Power steering is offered, along with optional adjustable steering column for the first time. The pick-up is offered in a wide range of body and drive configurations – single cab or double cab, and 4×2 or 4×4.

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Tata Motors says that the new pickup assures lowest operating and maintenance costs. It is also offering customized servicing and warranty packages to suit commercial operators. The Xenon Yodha would compete against the likes of Mahindra Imperio SC and DC pickup variants, Mahindra Bolero maxi-truck, and new Isuzu D-Max pickups.

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