BMW 5-Series Autonomous (Self-driving) Prototype – CES 2017

BMW 5-Series Autonomous Prototype_WagenClub

Features a fully-autonomous parking feature, along with in-car connectivity using Open Mobility Cloud services.

All all-new, self-driving BMW 5-Series has been unveiled at the on-going Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Las Vegas. The German automaker calls the displayed model a ‘prototype’, although it appears production-ready. The car also previews the company’s pursuit of establishing a line-up of autonomous cars by 2021.

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Based on the regular 7th-generation 2017 BMW 5-Series, the self-driving prototype uses an on-board computer that helps the it to position itself and know surroundings on a digital map. Therefore, apart from reckoning optimal routes and timing based on traffic and road conditions, the car can also minutely stick to its lanes and maintain optimal speeds based on road inclinations.

BMW 5-Series Autonomous Prototype_WagenClub

The self-driving BMW 5-Series features ‘Passenger Mode’, upon activation takes control of driving using positioning via digital map

All the driver has to do is select destinations with other appointments on the way and switch to “Passenger” mode. He/ She can forget about driving and start using in-car entertainment and data services using Open Mobility Cloud, like Amazon Prime apps in their smartphones. The vehicle will also get to know if you can any product pick-ups for the driver along the route!

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And comes the Robot Valet Parking feature, which can autonomously park the car and drive it back to the spot – all seamlessly integrated with the driver’s smartphone. BMW has also included few gesture control techs from the bigger 7-Series for this autonomous car.

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