Toyota Claims Impressive Advancement in Li-on Battery Technology


Latest research developments may improve the driving range and battery life of electric vehicles by up to 15 percent.

Toyota has claimed to have gained new insights on pushing the Lithium-ion battery technology to whole new levels. Batteries are key to electrification of cars, with the company now embarking on making a pure EV by 2020. Since the limited driving range and lifespan of batteries are the prime inhibiting factor, there is a need for improving the technology and efficiency levels.

Toyota engineers, in association with a publicly-financed laboratory and four Japanese universities, were able to observe and analyse ‘ion deviation’ phenomenon inside batteries in real time. Although the phenomenon is already know, it was never closely scrutinized before. Researchers now see huge scope in new designs that forbids lithium ions from moving unevenly and gather up in the electrodes. So far, this process was limiting battery life and driving range, even resulting in overheating of batteries at times.

The company believes that such new designs may result in as much as 15 percent improvement on range and lifespan of batteries, which can make a huge fortune for EV industry. Almost every EV and hybrid carmaker are craving for better battery technologies with improved efficiency, range, and safety levels.

Toyota is expected to develop an advanced battery design in a couple of years. The company was primarily concentrating only on developing petrol-hybrids and hydrogen FCVs for global markets so far. But an increasing pure-electric trend among the car makers and new-found buyers interests may have changed its mind.

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H/T Automotive News Europe

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