These Colourful BMW i8s Are Simply Adorable!


BMW Abu Dhabi Motors has slapped a lot of eye-catchy colours and styling kits to the i8 plug-in hybrid sportscar. 

Well, of-course, they have money and buyers taste to do absolutely anything with cars. From expensively tuned off-roaders to mind-numbing hypercars, UAE is certainly a car tuner’s destination. Here’s one such instance where the BMW Abu Dhabi Motors have given the futuristic-looking i8s a colourful makeover. Usually, a band of seven colours are needed for a visible spectrum, but after looking at these cars, I think just the six of these – Lava Red, Lava Green, Lava Yellow, Austin Yellow, Lava Orange, and Twilight Purple – seem to suffice!


Apart from new colours, the dealer has also added carbon fiber bits like the rear wing. 

Not just the colour coats, but the dealer has added few styling bits as well, like the rear wing. All those additional elements are made of carbon fiber as well, as the whole car itself. The buyer awareness and affordability is way higher in markets like UAE, therefore, the dealers are trying their best to stand out and ahead of prevailing motoring trends to entertain the former.

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The BMW i8 hybrid is on sale since 2014, and is available only in the 2-door coupe version. While the roadster version has been confirmed for launch by 2018, a pure-electric i8 is also on the run up as per latest sources.

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BMW i8 at Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi) – Image Gallery

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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