Hyundai Santa Fe 1040 hp & Santa Fe Rockstar Off-Road Concepts Are Warmongers

Santa Fe off-road 2016 SEMA

Two insanely powerful, antithetical and odd think-up Hyundai Santa Fe concepts are heading to 2016 SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) at Las Vegas scheduled this November. One is track sprinter, rightly nick-named as ‘Santa-Fast‘ – the 1,040 hp read-wheel-drive Santa Fe tuned by Bisimoto Engineering that appears to overpower even a LaFerrari. While the other is a nitrous-injected off-road maniac jacked-up by Rockstar Performance. After all, the SEMA show is dedicated for customised concepts like these!

# Hyundai Santa-Fe by Bisimoto – ‘Santa-Fast’

The 1,040 horsepower Santa Fe can be claimed as the most powerful Santa-Fe ever. Bisimoto has given this car a unique 3.8-liter Lambda V6 engine with added performance-enhancing components like Arias forged pistons, upgraded cams, stronger Crower connecting rods, and Golden Eagle cylinder sleeves. The bi-turbo unit is designed to run at a maximum 39 psi (2.7 bar), therefore necessary reinforcements are in place to tackle the extra workload. Other additions include ARP head studs, high-performance fuel injectors, and twin Turbonetics with Spearco intercooler.

Unlike the regular Santa Fe, this RWD concept features rear differential from the Hyundai Equus sedan, while a 6-speed manual gearbox sends power to the rear wheels. Driver can row the gears through a customised centre console-mounted gear shifter. All the four wheels are equipped with Buddy Club 4-piston brakes to bring this speed maniac to a controlled halt. The whole cabin is roll cage-insulated with 4 point chromo roll cage and crow restraint harnesses, while the seats are track-ready Momo Daytona EVO type.

Hyundai Santa-Fe 2016 SEMA
‘Santa-Fast’ features a 3.8-liter Lambda V6 engine with customised performance-enhancing components

Design wise, the Santa-Fast is serene and elegant to look at. The grille gets a huge cutout to feed the large intercooler, while crimson racing-inspired paint job is fabulous. The new 19-inch alloys are also track-sexy!

# Rockstar Santa Fe Concept

When an off-road devil takes the shape of a serene crossover, this is what it looks like! The “all-show and all-go, a non-compromising concept” developed by Rockstar Performance Garage is sure to steal the SEMA show, thanks to its apparently visible extra jolt of energy. The 17-inch bead-lock wheels holding the mammoth 35-inch off-road tires is the first to draw one’s attention, while the customised roof rack, LED light bars, and the dark-themed paint job with white-grey graphics is interesting.

To live by its impression, this Santa Fe’s suspension has been jacked-up with new tie-rods and control arms, along with a set of 2.0 King coil-overs up front and 2.5 King shocks over the rear. The front wheels feature 6-piston caliper brakes, while the rear gets 4-piston units to get a better hold of the vehicle in tougher terrain situations. Inside the cabin, the concept sports leather upholstery and Kicker audio system.

Under the hood, the off-road Santa Fe houses a 3.3-liter V6 engine that inhales nitrous oxide instead of regular air for upright performance. The engineers at Rockstar have also installed high-capacity Mishimoto cooling system along with AEM cold-air intake, and Magnaflow exhaust.

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